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  1. Recently, the Game Center CX 2 game for Nintendo DS got a translation patch. Essentially each entry in the Game Center CX (Retro Game Challenge) series is a collection of faux retro games that you progress through.

    Game Center CX 2 has a pair of falling block games called Triotos and Triotos DX.

    Triotos plays like Tetris mixed with Puyo Puyo. There's a 5x10 well, which blocks made of 3 squares fall into. (Blocks are either like an L or straight, no weird non adjacent touching stuff.)

    There are 3 default types of squares, no block may contain more than two default types. Making 3 of the same type connect either horizontally or vertically makes them disappear. Connecting 5 horizontally gets rid of all blocks of the type in the well. (Called a line spark)

    If you make 5 or more disappear at once (outside of a linespark), it changes one or more squares in your next piece to a type that can connect with any of the other 3 types of blocks.

    Triotos is supposed to be a fake Game Boy game, so it's in black and white and the squares are distinguished by patterns. Triotos DX is SNES (and not Game Boy Color :sneaky: ) and had Red, Green, and Blue colored blocks. Triotos DX adds hold piece and changes the vs. garbage rules, but is mostly similar beyond this.

    You can see a video of Triotos here:

    And pretty competent (but blurry) play of Triotos DX here:

    That's pretty much it for the gameplay. I have enjoyed it pretty thoroughly since I started playing, but what makes me post about it here is I only just realized it has both IRS and (in Triotos DX) IHS!

    Has anyone here played or heard of these games? They're pretty neat!
  2. Yeah, I didn't hear about that. It looks pretty interesting, really!

    How could people get their hands on this? Is Game Center CX 2 easily affordable?
  3. Game Center CX 2 seems to run for like 50 bucks on ebay right now :( There's an official iPhone version for only $3, but I can't vouch for how it plays because I've no iPhone myself.

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