Toushinsai 2020 official TGM2+ tournament

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  1. The rules have been posted for the official tournament being held at Toushinsai 2020 (May 16-17). I've listed the notable points below.

    • 8 players will qualify. Of those, 6 will be from area qualifiers, 1 slot will be filled on the day, and 1 slot is reserved for overseas participants.
    • According to Mihara, the overseas qualifying slot will also be filled on the day, and those who participate in the overseas qualifier can still participate in the general qualifier after the reserved qualifying slot is filled.
    • Area qualifiers are expected to begin late January or early February. No other details are available at the moment.

    Tournament structure:
    • 1v1, single elimination. Matches will be the first to win 2 sets (2 wins per set).
    • The mode will be versus mode, Death, with Cement mode (i.e. no garbage). First rounds will be to level 200, finals will be to level 999 (it's unclear to me at the moment whether the semifinal is to 200 or to 999).
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  2. Sounds like it will run from start to finish in like 30 minutes, lol
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  3. goddamn mihara cant even run a tournament properly

    im going to assume hebomai is still banned from this
  4. Who would come during that time period? I heard there might be other activities happening at the same time but I'd like to come only if I'm sure I'll see a bunch of friends
  5. Toushinsai is an annual event originally focusing on fighting games but now expanding to other genres (or so it seems). There'll be a number of fighting game tournaments - Samurai Spirits, Dissidia Final Fantasy, SFV, USFIV, Tekken 7 Round 2, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, BlazBlue Central Fiction - as well as racing games (WMMT6, ID0); in addition to TGM being the first puzzle game to be included, it's also the first year that they have rhythm games (SDVX, Jubeat, Taiko no Tatsujin, Groove Coaster).

    Also, Toushinsai is managed by Taito, so they're the ones organising the setup of the tournament (see also relevant Mihara tweet from today).
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  6. Has this event ever been streamed somewhere? I'd really like to watch those tournaments.
  7. A rule clarification has been made for the tournament since I last checked: only the first round will be up to level 200. Both the semifinals and finals will be up to level 999. The first qualifiers will be next month.

    As for videos of past Toushinsai tournaments, the official Twitch channel can be found here, and the tournament is restreamed by this channel with English commentary. The videos for 2019 (with English commentary) are all easily found on YouTube.
  8. A clarification has been made regarding the overseas qualifier: the qualifier is for people who reside outside Japan (regardless of citizenship). As mentioned before, the losers of the overseas qualifier can still participate in the general qualifier that follows.
  9. The first qualifier was yesterday, here is the vod:
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  10. Two of the qualifiers are now complete, with Kashiwa and KAN being the winners.

    All three of the March qualifiers have been cancelled due to coronavirus concerns, news is currently pending as to what will happen regarding those. The last qualifier is still up on the website, so I presume it hasn't been affected yet.
  11. Toushinsai home page updated a few days ago. New qualifiers are currently planned to be held from around June onwards (exact schedule pending), with the final round planned for August 8 and 9.
  12. Toushinsai 2020 has officially been cancelled.

    Mihara has stated that a 1-day TGM2+ tournament is being planned as a replacement event, with qualified players having priority entry. It is likely to take place in November but planning is still in the early stages.
  13. Reusing the thread for this year's Toushinsai 2021 Revenge. First qualifiers have already happened and the final is scheduled for 26 March (this Saturday). There is expected to be an announcement related to a home port of the TGM series, as Mihara previously announced that the announcement they were planning to make on the original finals date before the tournament was rescheduled was cancelled.

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