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Thread in 'Competition' started by Zaphod77, 28 Apr 2013.

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    game download link is here

    If you like Item mode in TAP, you should enjoy this new marathon variant a lot.

    Choose marathon. Any rotation system with multiple previews and hold is okay. (if you want anything but a standard variant on Lunatic, it's your funeral). You may score more points by disabling hold and piece previews. This is ok for the leaderboard.

    This game adds a "bomb" button which you can use to get yourself out of trouble. Bomb type a clears the bottom 8 lines (better for survival), and bomb type b moves all blocks to the left (better for scoring).

    A few scores to start off the leaderboard.

    Name			Points	Lines		Stage
    Zaphod77		1970084	402		18 (AC)
    Name			Points	Lines		Stage
    farter			5195993	477		21 (AC)
    Zaphod77		3065358	475		21 (AC)
    Name			Points	Lines		Stage
    farter			8196968	637		24 (AC)
    Zaphod77		696701	191		10
    Lunatic (starts in 20G!)
    Name			Points	Lines		Stage
    farter			1126312	285		15
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  2. :p Lucky to find someone also playing this one.
    Here are my current best plays.

    Mode		Points		Lines	Stage	Mod
    Normal		5195993		477	21 AC	(None)
    Hard		8196968		637	24 AC	(None)
    Lunatic		1126312		285	15	(None)
    however i feel lunatic mode turning a bit unplayable with extremely low lock delay and no ARE...
    and also, currently it has some bugs (or flaws).. maybe we need to reset these highscores..
    such as rising up when current piece is on the ground, which lets it lock "underground"...
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  3. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    why do you think it's called lunatic? :)

    i've never had these bugs.

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