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  1. I seem often to have an issue, especially in 20G ARS, where I mindlessly continue my pyramid stack into a death-causing placement... this is what kept me from getting TAP Master Gm.

    This wasn't exactly my stack, but I was literally frames away from finishing the roll, and I knew there was empty space on the right to put the J. However, I did not. This happens to me frequently too in death mode, like so:

    When clearly I should have skimmed using the L. Do any other TGM players have this problem, where you mindlessly keep stacking to your doom instead of playing for survival? It is so frustrating to know that I have missed records due to my poor instincts.
  2. That doesn't happen to me very often. It's more that I'm skimming way too late.
    Since I regularly fight topping out at Death, I know which moves are going to kill me immediately.
  3. haha ! it happens to me almost every week :)
  4. K


    maybe you stay focused too much on one particular piece, when redundant situations comes... in that particular situation, any piece throwed on the hole would probably have saved you...
  5. What happened to TWF is kind of the same as what prevented Edo from getting Death Gm... he died on 998 because he rotated a T which then proceeded to block the spawn area for the next piece (an I). If he'd left it flat, the line clear would have been obvious and he would have gotten Gm.

    And yeah, that does happen to me sometimes...
  6. Happens to me often, every day i think. I have a little problem staying focused and concentrated in games. i start to think about random things and suddenly i dont play efficient and can throw a game away. what you describe seems to be one symptom of this problem. maybe i should meditate or do yoga or something ;)

    Edit: On second thought, it might also happen this often to me because i have difficulty with keeping a clean stack in tap's rotation system, and the only way to maintain a pyramid-like shape sometimes brings the top out placement.
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  7. After much practice of desperately clinging on to life I am improving at considering the incoming piece but still get caught out sometimes, particularly at high speed.

    Clearly what we need is a "Hang On" NullpoMino mode which resembles Grade Mania except the well is only about 6 deep...
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    that mode would be dope as hell
  9. Lockjaw had a mode just like that called "Low-rider".
  10. Ah - that's clearly a better name than mine too.
  11. I can't skim worth beans. When I'm close to topping out Kitaru is always like "clear lines! clear lines!" and i always respond with "I don't know how!!! x_x"
  12. I have a bad habit of stacking too high, then getting shafted by the randomizer. Happens a lot in TGM1 0-200 and Death 0-100.

    In the second situation, TWF, I would have skimmed, but the only real way to snap out of your bad habit is to consciously not do it (whether by punishing yourself by having to play a game of TGM1 Reverse or whatever) or simply skim earlier.
  13. Assuming you're in ARS and have your well on the right, just place any warm-toned piece down the hole. Orientation barely matters.
  14. I may not be a GM or whatever, but I can assure you that you are not the only one with this problem. I tend to stack really high and don't skim enough because I like to hold out until I absolutely MUST skim.

    But even then...sometimes I don't and just die, haha... :D
  15. Ai


    With all the combo stacking I've done skimming has become my favorite clearing method. Whenever I get a piece I don't know what to do with my first reflex is to put in the well. On the other hand my overhang skills on top of the stack are very poor compared to most players.
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    The problem is you can only skim if columns 1-8 are not lower than column 9. Otherwise, you will just end up blocking the tetris hole until you can fill in the rest of the stack.

    So the left side of the pyramid must be higher than the right.

    XXXXXXXXX.  skim OK
    .XXXXXXXX.  Need to fill left first.
  17. that's also assuming you don't have any holes in the first place xD
  18. orz


    only way 2 play

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