Tool-Assisted TAP Death Gm - 2:48:93

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  1. Incredible! You can do so many different feats, or just breathe for a little bit.

    I honestly did not know this! That's very helpful information
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    The moment you see your first piece in the Next window your whole piece sequence is decided. The RNG is sequential and seeded when you select your game. So once the game's started there's nothing to manipulate. :/ Otherwise I'd have manipulated something crazy like take back-to-back lightning bravos...

    On the plus side it does mean you can plan out the whole game ahead of time in Fumen or something. Maybe even programatically generate the input to the game.

    In the case of my incomplete TAS there's a link in the Youtube video description showing what the first 1000 pieces would be. That would be sufficient for the whole game and probably the credit roll as well.
  3. If you can get an algorithm that explains all the possible moves to finish the first section on a bravo, then you just have to do that for several of these sequences, by waiting a few frames before hitting the TA Death Mode.

    But maybe the algorithm would be too much? I have no idea about these
  4. misakamm might be interested in this project. she has written an ai that worked well on both guideline styled multiplayer tetris and oldschool ones, with which some search work on this tas project can be done much faster.

    and i'm not sure if everyone here discussing including the thread starter have watched the master mode tas in 6:xx.xx with all gold medal and a pattern of three letters "TAS" built at last in invisible roll? that's a fantastic work and should be very valuable for reference.

    here's a repost by a chinese player:
  5. [​IMG]

    should be on niconico with title "【TAS】テトリス ジ・アブソリュート ザ・グランドマスター2+ Master 6:02:43" as mentioned in the description..
  7. Thank you very much, it truly is remarkable, especially the end =)
  8. Muf


  9. oh boy, I jeezed :)
  10. :oOOOO
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    You... Magnificent... Bastard...
  12. Well, maybe not something this huge with all the stuff for the Death TAS since it's not possible to play around anywhere timewise, but at least it's possible to just make lines from 100 to 299, that's a start for the current Death TAS ^^'
  13. By any chance, did someone save that chinese master mode TAS ?
    Can't find it anywhere.
    By the way, any news about some submission ? With tgm coming at the AGDQ, would be nice to see the game on more websites :)
  14. Hah amazing. Can't believe he spelt out TAS in the credit roll :)
  15. Just frame synchros everywheeeeeere !
  16. Veeeeery nice !
  17. Holy cow. Does anyone have a way to download this bastard? My computer died so I'm begging for help there :$
  18. How does tgm2 ARE work with regards to number of pieces on screen?
  19. GAP


    Tetrominos appear faster in later sections.
    For 000-100, ARE=16
    For 100-200, ARE=12
    This means you get faster if you place least tetrominos in section 0-100.
    Each more tetromino placed in section 000-100 slows you for 4 frames.
    For instance, if there are 15 of them, you are 1 second slower than placing them in 100-200.

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