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Thread in 'Discussion' started by makalaka, 2 Nov 2008.

  1. -jay-

    -jay- Unregistered

    -jay- over jan 10-0 ggs
  2. Jan


    jan 10 - 3 kevcel
  3. Okay, I have lost a match again...10-3

    But this time I really had fun, while playing: I totally had no lag this time [​IMG]
    Then I don't care when I lose; this match I could say it was completely my own fault that I didn't win some more, so I have to practice more [​IMG]

    I have good hope now, that I won't have lag the next match...we'll see...
    I want to win that match, just for the I must think about a punishment for myself, when I lose if I have no lag [​IMG]
  4. -jay-

    -jay- Unregistered

    -jay- over illshill 10-4 ggs
  5. hey kotetsu, some japanese players are wondering about the format of the 2nd round. Any news you can give me so I can tell them?
  6. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    here is a list of TOJ names for everyone in the tournament:

    Name    TOJ name
    AI     ????
    BLINK    BlinkTC
    DONCHAN   ?????????
    GOOFER   goofer
    ILLSHILL  shillz
    IMSOHOOD  imSoHooD
    JAN     Tetrominophil
    -JAY-    ---jay---
    JUJUBE   jujube
    KASUMI   Kasumi
    KEVCEL   Kevcel
    KEVIN    KevinDDR
    KITARU   KitaruTC
    KOTETSU   ?????
    MASERATI  Maserati
    MATT    matthatter83
    MIKURIYA  ?????
    OUTTRIGR  outtrigger
    PEDXING   PedXing
    ROSTI    Rosti LFC
    SAMAF    ????
    SANDI    sandibaby
    TCM-T    Manzana
    XEAL    XeaLouS
    after copying the TOJ name from here, paste it in the text bar under you friend list. first left-click in the bar, then double right-click to paste (or ctrl+v):

    click on the button under the picture in their profile window to send a friend request:

    to check for friend requests click on the chat button:

    you have a friend request:

    right click on the name:

    right click on the name after accepting the friend request:
  7. I could easily be RostiLFC, if Rosti LFC (with the space) doesn't work.
  8. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    oh, you're Rosti LFC for sure. these names were all taken from my friend list.
  9. XeaL vs Kevcel

    very close, lots of loooooong nice games [​IMG]
  10. Yeah, I can confirm that:
    Kevcel vs Xeal : 7-10

    Holy shit, our games were so long and intense...a well deserved victory by Xeal.

    Ok, it's certain that I finish at the 4th place in my group [​IMG]
    However: looking at my scores, I can tell that I grew during the tourney:

    10-0 vs Jay
    (+1) --> 10-1 vs illshill
    (+2)--> 10-3 vs Jan
    (+4)--> 10-7 vs Xeal [​IMG]

    Another positive thing I can tell: YEAH!, 2nd round I will probably play against one of the best players, whom I normally wouldn't meet [​IMG]

    Then the negative reality: well, I guess it's really finished for me now...2nd round I probably won't be able to win a single game. [​IMG]
  11. ?????????

    ????????? Unregistered


    ????????? 10 -0 goofer
  12. Jan


    jan 10 - 5 illshill
  13. illshill

    illshill Unregistered

    shillz 10 -3 xeal

  14. Jan


    Jan 10 - 2 Xeal
  15. yay i've finished round 1
  16. ImSoHoOdz

    ImSoHoOdz Unregistered

    imsohoodz 10 - 9 outtrigger
  17. outtrigger

    outtrigger Unregistered

    maserati 10 - 0 outtrigger
  18. sandibaby 10 - 3 Kitaru

    A lot of those matches just dragged on and on. Our arms are sore!
  19. the japanese players are having trouble finding the people in their group online for matches because of the time difference. They told me to ask if players could try to be on TOJ this friday/saturday (saturday/sunday to them) if they're not busy.
  20. matthatter83, if u read this respond sometime ok, added u like a week ago on toj

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