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  1. Hey mufunyo, is that a Agetec arcade stick for the Dreamcast that you are using? That was one of the few that I liked the looks of, and I managed to win a Ebay auction for one for $51, shipped. I don't have the time right now to make a box. Figured I will go this way for now. That is still something I want to do though...
  2. The arcade stick is a Sanwa JLF (or similar name). Same one found in the VSHG, HRAP3 and most high-end custom sticks as well from what I've seen.
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    Nope, it's a SEGA Virtua Stick Saturn.
  4. I knew what kind of stick it is, I was wondering about the shell of the whole thing.... I guess I should have worded my question a little bit different... [​IMG]

    Thanks, although I figured out that it wasn't the Agetec stick before I read your reply.

    Anywho, I found a couple of guides online on modding the Agetec stick and it looks like its going to be fairly simple. All I need to do is cut off some of the plastic on the inside of the shell to make a Sanwa or Seimitsu stick sit flush and enlarge the buttons holes a bit...

    Another question though. Will momentary contact pushbuttons be fine for the start and back buttons? I would assume yes, but I'm just trying to cover all the angles to limit the amount of dumb mistakes from the get go...
  5. Well, after waiting almost 2 weeks for my Agetec Dreamcast stick to reach me, it finally came yesterday. All my stuff from Lizard Lick Amusements also came yesterday. It was like a early Christmas present, with the mailman playing the role on Santa!! [​IMG] I already have the Sanwa mounted. Now I need to do the buttons and the PCB from the Xbox controller. Hopefully pics will come soon.

    edit: Oh by the way, has anybody else noticed that TC is one member shy of 500??
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    So do we get grandmother posts now?

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  10. Ok, stupid question. I have my JLF mounted, the 360 PCB installed and hooked up and everything is working fine. I still need to mount the new buttons, but for now I can deal with it. Anywho, I can't get Joy2Key to function with it. It will read all the button inputs fine, but I get nothing from the joystick. Any ideas???
  11. You are trying to get Joy2Key to map the POV hat axis and not the joystick axis, aren't you?
  12. Yes.
  13. I found this last night when I was trying to get it to work. Did everything you listed. Nothing. So I fired everything up again today figuring maybe I was just missing something since I was really tired. Yep, I missed the fact that when you enable the 'Use POV switches' option that POV: UP, POV: DOWN etc. appears in Joy2Key.... Like I posted in my question 'OK, stupid question.....' Not stupid, just tired. And my wife was asking why I wasn't just making a new post about it... [​IMG]
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    On the topic of modding arcade sticks, i did mine last night.
    it only took about an hour and a half from opening the box to playing tetris.
    i popped a sanwa jlf-tp-8t in hori's wii fighting stick.

    I found a guide on the net, buttons are next.

  15. Nice. I guess it wasn't too hard if it only took that long. You need a bubble top for the JLF!!!!! Lol, nah it's cool. what color you doing for the buttons?
  16. m:)

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    it was really easy, just trim the base so it fits and stick it in there. i spliced the wires together.
    the buttons will be more work , i dunno what colors i'll get. I'm thinking two colors, one for the four tetris buttons, and a different color for the other ones.
  17. m:)

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    wow, the stock buttons on the HORI are garbage. i lost one already. sanwa's ordered now. i went with 4 black and 4 white buttons.
    I'll post again after they are in. in the meanwhile it looks like zero tetris for me this week [​IMG]
    it was a ruff weekend already [​IMG]
  18. m:)

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    all sanwa'd up now [​IMG]
    the buttons were a little more work then the stick. took about 2 1/2 hours and my work room is still in shambles, but i took 'er for a test drive. yum big big difference with the new buttons.

    it's buttery..

  19. Nice. I like the way it looks. Finally got high-speed again. I might start posting in here again....
  20. Stupid question, but was it a big difference from stock stick and buttons when you installed the sanwa parts?
    I'm thinking about modifying my Fighting Stick 3 for PS3, which should be similar to the wii FS I guess.
    Though, I do not have a dremel like that site linked earlier suggests, so I might have a problem fitting the parts in.

    Now that you've played with it for a while, how is your performance in-game compared to the fighting stick before any modification?
    Assuming it's better, how much of it do you think is because of the sanwa parts and how much of it from getting better with stick in general?

    - - -
    Also, this guy modified an HRAP2 to work with the 360. Anyone know how to do that and if you can do it with a FS3? (I have no PS3, so having 360 functionality would be very [​IMG] )

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