Tips on TGM3?

Thread in 'Strategy' started by willkillson, 21 Oct 2014.

  1. Yes. :) You can hold rotate or a direction to prepare the action when the piece appears. It's not a well-timed press.
  2. Oh nice, what are the scores on there? The TGM1 PCBs I've received so far have usually already been reset to defaults before I receive them.

    Anyway, to reset all options and scores: in the service menu, Configuration > Default > press P1 A+B.

    (You may also be interested in the "battlestation" thread. ;))
  3. I got this board on YAJ so maybe thats why it came in without being erased.
  4. K


    rule n°1 : never listen to any advise from this guy ! :D
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