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Thread in 'Strategy' started by willkillson, 21 Oct 2014.

  1. This is what I got going on now

    I feel like I have put some serious time in this game, and I still suck a big one. Is the only answer to just keep on keeping on? The only thing I think about is keeping the stack flat, and that usually goes well some times, but I feel like my play is missing something substantial.

    Please advise experts!
  2. It’s like every game, really : you get better as time goes on.

    It’s like magic, the more you play, the more you get things you didn’t get before, whether you’re conscious of that or not =p.

    And these things are pretty much everything, like stacking flat, but what piece to use at what moment, how to deal with these holes, how to not lose our shit while playing… and the more you play, the more you get used to these situations, and the faster you play.

    You’ve seen strategy guides though ? Because while some technics are obvious, rotation tricks are not. Check out these and maybe it’ll come in handy very soon ;)

    EDIT : P.S. : Qualified 3 is actually really good, considering you are probably below 100 hours of gameplay right now, so congrats !
  3. I thought classic was just different button placement, oh boy back to square one...
  4. I hope you're using ARS instead of SRS...
  5. Nice positive reinforcement!

    TGM3 is kind of hard mode. Its EASY mode during its credit roll is harder than Tetris DS @ level 20+... And even harder if u use ARS.
  6. Amnesia

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    CLASSIC = ARS = Arika Rotation System
    WORLD = SRS = Super Rotation System

    The soonest you decide to invest yourself on ARS, the better it is for your global experience on TGM... It will make you feel suffering at first, (or even all the time you will suffer anyway...) ARS is the original system of the game and only this system is recognized by the community in both Western area and Japan as the hardest and best tetris system.

    Once you will get a several skill on ARS, just a tiny effort on SRS will give you excellent scores as well, the reverse is extremely difficult.
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    Lesson 6: Increasing the fifth column
    Mistake ! o_O


    The I block can be move if the highest column is anywhere between the 4th and 8th.
  8. COL


    Increasing the 5th column is the most important stacking advice in TGM1 or TAP 20G, which the guide was intended for (OP discovers the game and basically by making the 5th column higher than the others you allow EVERY piece to move both sides, meaning you can start to control the game instead of surviving at random) TI has a different gameplay so it may not be longer true (the game is so much faster that you cannot maneuver the pieces in order to exploit this efficiently).
  9. 4, 5, 6, 7. Seems right to me.
  10. Amnesia

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    Actually, I was not totaly right, but not totaly wrong also, on TGM and TAP, there are several situations where the 8th column as highest, still allows to make go the I on the right. But not in every cases. :p

    With IRS + double roration to make the I jump over a short spike on the 8th...
    This is one of my favorite move.
  11. Amnesia

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    Yes, exactely, and I made it on my last video of yesterday but the spike was on the 7th...
  12. It works in TGM/TAP if you use IRS (Initial Rotation System, which allows you pre-rotate the piece. Notice in the diagrams that the piece appears in the playfield already rotated). In TI, it is more lenient because the floorkick allows you to do the same move after the piece has already spawned.
  13. In TGM I have been using only two buttons, does anyone mind telling me if I should use the third one?
  14. Using the third rotation button can be helpful to do quick 180s and triple rotation tricks, but it's not necessarily required. KevinDDR mostly plays with two buttons -- instead of IRS A -> C, he does IRS A -> release and A again.
  15. I had an epiphany last night. For some reason I was under the impression that you had to hit the rotate button right before the piece came out for it to pre rotate, luckily that isn't the case and you just got to hold the rotate button in the direction you want it to rotate before it comes out. HOLY CRAP EZ
  16. If I remember correctly you can also charge the DAS during that time

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