TI SHIRASE : How can I break that torikan?

Thread in 'Strategy' started by Qlex, 1 Oct 2011.

  1. That actually applies to Texmaster Sudden TI

    So I'm back from a tremendous Tetris binge... and I didn't make a single score better than 2:40:something for more than one month.

    I try going as fast as I can, and I make ridiculously slow performances. So I try tetrising, it works for the two first sections, and then I die.

    I really hate it that I haven't broken the 29 seconds limit for each section (27 for the second), so at some point I just give up, knowing that I'm not gonna make up for the first mistakes anyways (that one is really bad. I never thought I would give up during a game when I started Tetris).

    The last sections are being even worse... I cannot even define "fast" when I'm playing, I'm like "Holy smokes that was insanely fast" and then I watch : 40 seconds, or I'm like "Meh, that was crap. Didn't manlock once" and I get 30 seconds or so.


    EDIT : Link to one of my videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lju48eNUFf8

    EDIT 2 : Some others : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gs1-j9aYmIw


    Thank you very much in advance!

    EDIT 3 lol : Oh and thank you nahu for the new tex skin and musics!
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  2. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    You stack too well regarding your current speed. Actually in this game, at our level, it pays more to play fast with 2 tetrises per section than slowly with 5 tetrises per section. So my best advice would be to work on finding a faster timing, even if you missdrop 20% of the tetrminos, but you have to find a fast rythm in pushing the 3 first sections. For this, you have to set your mind in "brutal" mode, you have to think " I will fucking manual lock for the next 20min.." You will ofcourse do crap sessions in the begining, with 95% of poor games under lv.150 but you will develop something... And by the time you will get used and the good stacking will naturaly come back.

    Then, I see you absolutly don't lock after 300. Do you practice some training session at sudden 300 ?
    If your are unable to play the 300-500 with 100% of tetris and no mistake at all, you can not pass 500 without manual locking these 2 section. So, you have to manlock. Personnaly I am unable to do this so I lock.
    Just a slight and regular lock will shave you 4-5sec in these 2 sections (so 8-10sec at 500).
    Don't pay attention to the tetrises between 300 and 500, just try to lock a bit and carrefully.

    EDIT :
    I was watching the video BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB which completly confirm my opinion :
    Sincerely it is a very good thing that you can make 3 tetrises on the 300-500 sequence, but for a few days, just forget that you can stack a tetris at this speed and just think about trying to manual lock. Even if you only do singles and double, lot of hole, double lock and stack collapse, you will force your brain to be more used to a higher tpm.
    Today I am trying to manlock at 1200......So...:rolleyes:...It looks useless and stupid, I can only stack properly 5 tetrimino maximum, but I know that if I continu that will be 7, 8 then 10..At the end I will have a little gain of speed.

    EDIT 2 : I think my english is bad today and I have even not smoked yet..
  3. I got it! I guess I'll be doing that exercise until my mind can handle the speed.

    Thanks for the advice, your English really IS alright ^^
  4. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Mais je suis con !! t'es de Grenoble !?
    J'avais pas lu.
    En francais j'aurai expliqué tout ca avec 3 fois plus de précision.:facepalm:
  5. Oh that one! XD I was hesitating between telling the truth or make people think I am English (just a stupid joke =p), but I eventually told the truth. I might want to meet some French players sooner or later.

    However, I like it better when people write it in English =<

    So no worries =p Ton anglais doit être meilleur que 95% des Français lol
  6. Hey, a fellow player from grenoble.
    I'm from Lyon :)
  7. This is all that is going through my mind when I play Shirase:
  8. Oh emptiness that's a nice one! I wish my mind was empty when playing shirase lol
  9. That's a lot more profound than I was going for. :) It's an animated gif of a crude, crayon drawing of Sonic the Hedgehog running on a road, with the text "Gotta Go Fast."

    I don't get too fancy, I don't insist on 100% tetrises, I just try to place each piece as simply and quickly as I can while maintaining a modicum of cleanliness so I can survive past 500.
  10. This is also what is going through our vocal cords when we are on stream.

    Very often.

  11. mat


    from the video, i'd say you're doing awesome! i don't think you really have to train anything specific, just keep doing what you're doing and you'll get more and more comfortable and eventually pass to 500. i would say that you should always make a conscious effort to lock every piece regardless of level, only not doing so if you're trying to triple rotate or something. this really has more to do with your thought process than your speed. you'll make it!

    also: you play smash?
  12. Thanks man! And yes, I've been playing Super Smash Bros. Melee competitively for a long time :D
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BTZQl5-xfA

    Hey, the fact that I'm not wasting time using Hold should more than make up for the fact that I'm stacking worse, right? :awe:

    I'll get it, someday. Though I first have to learn how to manlock 300-500 confidently.

    I also realized that I'm extremely prone to placements that involve double or even triple-tapping. ugh.
  14. post editing seems to be broken for me, but after playing a lot of slow 20G i tried again and I got 30.26 for section 1 and 28.55 for section 2. IT'S POSSIBLE!
  15. K


    wow i never made any vid about Ti
    i'll manage to put some Ti vid online this weekend.:V
  16. Yeah, I wish you good luck, it's possible!

    Keep in mind that you also need to have as less level stop as possible. I think that you have lost about 8 seconds total in your video because of the level stop, which is big enough. I would recommend you speed up and make some singles during the 10 last levels of a section in order to have no level stop problem.

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