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Thread in 'Competition' started by KevinDDR, 11 Jun 2010.

  1. ALL @ 9:10.18

    >slower than Kevin
  2. Zaphod77

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    I've been messing with this mode off and on, but I'm having trouble getting anywhere. I can clear most of the early stages skipping few pieces.

    Any advice on a route through the game that doesn't involve me mashing the hold button like a madman at any part of it? An all that doesn't involve me skipping a very large number of pieces at any one time.

    My highest stage is 20. and I don't skip any pieces until stage 6 or so.

    i start running into trouble quickly after then though. also i hate that stage with the roll roll. it always seems to make the piece i'm about to win with screw up.
  3. Sakura mode: EX5 - 100% (Green Line) in 08:24:26
  4. ALL @ 8:01.31

    Poochy also had an improvement! :) He has an ALL @ 7:26.06 recorded on my machine.
  5. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    I did score an ALL once on colourthief's machine. I don't have any idea what the time is unless its still on his leaderboard.
  6. Dunno if anyone's still updating this leaderboard, but I just got a new PB of 3:56:96 on Kitaru's machine.
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  7. ALL, 9:02:03 (100%)
  8. Does anyone know where to find the route used at SGDQ?
  9. upload_2015-11-29_22-31-1.png
    Aren't you supposed to do it in less than 5 minutes to get the extra stages? :V
  10. I forget the specifics but you'll get some extra stages (but not all 7) if you finish slower than 5 minutes.
  11. Oh, OK.
    Has anyone ever looked into it and found out how that's determined? Seems like something that would be useful to have on the wiki.
  12. upload_2015-11-30_16-46-48.png
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  13. upload_2015-11-30_23-8-12.png
  14. upload_2015-12-9_23-33-16.png
    Oh my
    OH MY
    4:45 1-20. If I didn't misdrop in EX4 then it's possible I could've got ALL.
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  15. It should be happening soon! You just need to learn the WR strat, right? :awe:
  16. I know up to stage 11 though right now I'm working on learning the rest of it.
  17. upload_2015-12-11_16-16-11.png
  18. [​IMG]
    It's finally done. Managed to beat Sakura mode without looking at anyone else's route! Now.. Do I go for a randomised ALL or go for WR strats?
    Also, when was the last time this leaderboard was updated? @KevinDDR
  19. Leaderboard updated!

    ..since this leaderboard was last updated, yet it's alive again! Here's the change log:

    -New Users-
    Archina - ALL - 100 - 08:13:16
    Oliver - ALL - 100 - 8:05:40 (PB is verified, yet proof should be posted later regardless.)

    -Player PBs-
    Rednefed - ALL - 100 - 9:02:03
    Poochy - ALL - 100 - 3:56:96 (I know you have a better time, would you mind posting it so I can update your rank?)
    Kitaru - ALL - 100 - 8:01:31

    Now let's see some more scores! These blocks have yet to be stacked optimally!
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