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Thread in 'Competition' started by Muf, 31 Jul 2008.

  1. mat


    m5 999 7:41:20
  2. I don't know the time, but I do know that I am qualified with m5 grade using world rotation. I know I cleared the non-invisible roll, so I guess it was an orange line play.

    Also, I'll post my Ti Classic m2 later once I get home from school. It was quite exciting!
  3. The Enigmatic Form

    The Enigmatic Form Unregistered

    Im slowly getting there... [​IMG]

    5:05:65, Level 454, Class S1, ST Silver, SK Bronze
  4. [​IMG]

    Master in 7:04:68 (orange line)

    It finally came when I least expected it. I played the sloppiest, most single filled beginning that I have in months, not even getting ST bronze until level 400. Seriously, I think the first 2 sections took me 1:10 each, which is so bad as to fail TAP's M requirements by a wide margin. Though my poor first 4 sections were good enough to only miss 1 cool, and then I had a very strong performance after that and a decent fading roll. It's really weird watching myself make terrible mistakes in the beginning and then being completely at ease with the high speed.

    Looking forward to getting it again in 6 minutes like I know I can. Or maybe even a MasterK if it all comes together.
  5. The Enigmatic Form

    The Enigmatic Form Unregistered

  6. The Enigmatic Form

    The Enigmatic Form Unregistered

    Reached S3 yesterday, but I will try to improve again before I post a new record, because the time was pretty bad (around 9 minutes).

    Does anyone know under which circumstances the music changes? Im sure the second time is when the game enters 20G, as it is the same music as in Shirase, but at which point is the first change?
  7. If you don't get any section cool!!s, then the music changes:
    level 500 (20g) "Fall asleep music"
    level 800 "shirase music"

    So basically the best thing you can get is with section cool!!s:
    level 300 (20g) "Fall asleep music"
    level 400 "shirase music"
  8. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Will you put this Master rank on youtube c_t ?

    PS : profite to not have yet too many concurence here.. [​IMG]
    If I perform a Master, that won't be at 7:XX neither at 6:XX..
  9. Unfortunately, I did not expect the exams and did not manage to get a camera out in time. I qualified with m6 in World Rule and S8 in Classic Rule at Acme on Friday.
  10. The Enigmatic Form

    The Enigmatic Form Unregistered

    Could be faster, but whatever. [​IMG]

    But I think place 3 of todays highscores is pretty good.

    Also received a silver SK medal for the first time.
    Im pretty satisfied with my stacking atm, but when I make a mistake, it either kills me or takes just too long to recover from it.

    Are there any videos out there which are NOT from fantastic players with years of experience? I would love to see how a "non-superhuman" plays.
  11. Muf


    I can try to make a video tonight (camera). On good days, I play just like the superhumans (or at least I like to think that I do), but simply can't handle the speed beyond a certain point.
  12. The Enigmatic Form

    The Enigmatic Form Unregistered

    Would be pretty cool, thanks! [​IMG]

    The other thing is that, of course, all players show only their best videos. Id love to watch someone actually play for a longer period.
  13. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    didn't somebody make a series of videos called "road to GM", where they started with a new account and ended with Ti Master GM, and recorded each game along the way?
  14. But if they did that, then they were either Gm standard already (and therefore not really what he's looking for), or it'd be one damn long set of videos.
  15. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    haha yeah, like 3000 videos. but still, i'm sure the best players have their average games from time to time, and you don't ever see those.
  16. I'm still sure that the crappy runs from the likes of KAN are better than my best ones.
  17. speaking of kan, he's the player in the road to gm vids, the first of which can be found here. in this 9-video series he takes a machine from MM to Gm.
  18. It was KAN, and he's spot on when it comes to quality games. Like getting level 1300 in Shirase 3 times in a row at a competition beating jin8 and ZEB. Probably the only one in the whole world who is strong enough to do that.

    The main problem by giving out TGM videos is that YouTube limits each video to 10 minutes. One game might last more than 10 minutes if played badly (at least my games).

    Also The Enigmatic Form might look for WORLD Ti plays. Most of us are CLASSIC players.
  19. The Enigmatic Form

    The Enigmatic Form Unregistered

    Yes, but it wouldnt make much difference for me. I would just like to watch a few plays which arent nearly perfect. Would love to see how a great player does on a bad day.
  20. It's so extremely boring to watch someone play over and over, and fail 95% of all games. No entertainment at all

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