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Thread in 'Competition' started by Muf, 31 Jul 2008.

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    Triggered the full invisible roll on my first clear, but totally bombed out. I'm totally amazed I triggered it in the first place...
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  3. Code:
    13--Qlex-------------------[ol]m7 - 999 @ 08:07:40[/ol] - 14/04/12
    Qualified :

       9--Qlex-------------------m3 - ??? @ ??:??:?? - 14/04/12
  4. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

  5. What do they mean?
  6. Muf


  7. K


    MasterM in 05:32:30
  8. K



    i don't know if there is a section ranking but section 0-100 in 42:75
  9. That looks pretty good! How close are you to getting, say, Promotional MK?
  10. K


    basically i don't try hard to beat and get all cool every game to get a promotionnal top rank
    if i do so the game become relatively boring..
    2013 will be the year of records for me because i'll finally get more time to dedicate to TGM3 from end of january :p
  11. That's an interesting statement. At what point do you have boredom having cools? Is it the pre 20G part? Or staying consistent during the 5 last parts? In any case, what is your method you can use in order to have all the cools?

    That's good to see =) Will there be any videos?
  12. K


    About "how to" get the cools every section, it's not really revelent until you get completely used to "Master Mode" max speed AND consistent with TETRIS/GOLD SK.
    It's boring to deal with if you want to get higher promotional grade, when you are used to TAP "let's go for max speed every single game".. and i completely understand EDO about just caring about time attack.
    yeah i'll buy a EPIPHAN card for VGA acquisition
  13. Either playing perfectly like KAN or trying to play slowly
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  15. K


    this is probably not gonna happen :'(
  16. COL


    Are you trying to explain that Amnesia will become Ti Gm before you?
  17. Muf


    lforforlforflrofrl :V

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