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Thread in 'Competition' started by Muf, 31 Jul 2008.

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    Finally, at last. To rest, to sleep.
  2. お お お おめでとー!!
  3. Holy fucking shit, congratulations! 8D

    May you enjoy to the fullest this occasion of infinite happiness! I know that Classic GM is also just around the corner for you! :D
  4. No excuses now. You can stop fucking around and go do the proper one ;)

    But yeah, congrats man.
  5. K


    Congratulations Dudes !!
    2 more GM !!

    god damn shit i'm jealous !! :sneaky:
  6. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Yo Kevin, congrats and all that. But what's with the shit time? :p
  7. Edo : He's playing World, haha.

    BIG WIN !!!!1

    Congratulations Kevin, now you are the 4th Grand Master on TGM3. The 3 next will be Steve, nahucirujano and K.
  8. m.kevin: He was also just trying to get GM to show up before pushing for that sick time to attach it to. :p
  9. I'd also bet on ANN, ZAB and 309 since they seem to have been trying to push the games to their limits lately
  10. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I can bet for Steve confidently, I dont know if nahu can play SRS, and K, definitly not. I may have more chance than him today to get it.

    For western side, kitaru, blink, kotetsu and some others could do it easily.
    I think If DIGITAL is not dead, he is already GM since last year.
  11. Amazing Kevin!!! Awesome!!! Congrats!! You deserve it ;)

    Haha, thanks for mention me :)

    Haha, actually, I suck at World Rotation, I can't get used to it, due to the 4 rotations for the I tetromino, I don't know why, but I can't get used to it at 20G xD

    Please! Update the leaderboard! :)
  12. Oh, it's probably worth mentioning that there are a few other World GM that are not also Classic GM. I've seen World GM videos on nicovideo that were not reported on jin8's ranking page...
  13. Key


    Awesome, Kevin!!!
    All the best for getting the Classic GM!!
  14. Congrats, Kevin! Please tell me there's a video!
  15. No video sadly. I got home after my mom was asleep, decided to play a couple of games before bed, and I did it. Didn't have the camera set up or anything. I can get a video of some GM games now though (and fast ones, too), since I'm qualified.
  16. [​IMG]

    Played on Sept. 14.

    A very long, frustrating and annoying path has now finally ended. After being completely mentally drained, I am now done with World; it's time to take on the real challenge now and play how Mihara wanted it to be, Classic style.

    A bit upset that I couldn't match Kevin's GM on the same day, that'd be hella' awesome. I was only a day late :)

    I do have a video, but I don't know when I'll get around to posting it. I still need to upload my MasterM exam from how long ago... But I will be working on it. After grinding so many games, the last thing I want to work with is tetris quite honestly, I need a small break, lol. ^^

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  17. Congratulations again man! :D (A faster time than Kevin's submitted score, too. B) ) Enjoy infinite happiness, and good luck with your feature endeavors with Classic!
  18. Key


    Congratulations, Steve! You did it!

    Also ... you should update your signature :)
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  19. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    So you are a TI GM now..
    Are you really going to play ARS now ? or was it just flattering ? I am impatient to see you in action, but I don´t worry, I know how it will happen, like Kevin, you are 9 years younger than me. Your brain is fresh and your neurones and synapsis are in full capacity, within 1,5 year, you will jump from a miserable S8 to MM, and in the meanwhile I will maybe progress from MK to MV..
    Anyway, good luck, you have pain which is waiting for you.

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