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Thread in 'Strategy' started by RaikouRider, 12 Sep 2011.

  1. What did all you TGM experts do to get so good at the end of Master mode? I can cruise perfectly fine through the first 1000 speed levels, then it gets to 1100-1200 and I have to use auto-lock. A misdrop turns into three and I explode up the well. Usually I can recover but I'm stuck making singles. I know from the TAP grading chart that it's very important to make Tetrises after level 750. I've gotten all Section COOLs before in a game but wound up with a grade of only m5...a little short of the invisible roll requirements.

    Just what practice settings did everyone use to get more comfortable with the fast delays toward the end of Master?
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    i'm still not completely confident with this speed but remember that shirase 300 speed is faster than master max speed.
    try to handle faster speed in shirase training..once you get "confortable" with the speed work on tetris..
    but in the end it's a question of practice and time..:V
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    What is the mode you are talking about ?? o_O
  4. I meant Ti's Master mode.

    You know how the speed level goes up by 100 when you get a COOL? Look at the speed level chart and you'll see what I mean. I just keep losing it around speed level 1100.
  5. master mode in Ti is supposed to end at 999, then you get the fading or m-roll ^^
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    Just force on it. Manual lock until the end or you will never domine the game. I have been working on this since Summer 2008 and it still shocks me sometimes. But months after months I feel closer and closer to become invincible at this speed.
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    Just so you don't think everyone on TC is retarded, I know what you mean. The Ti Master speedcurve is essentially 13 sections, and when you get cools you skip odd sections. Therefore when you get to level 700 with all cools, you are on level 1300 of the speedcurve.
  8. If you get to 700 with all cools, you are on level 1400, dude... :p
  9. You're right, Shirase 300 is a little faster than Master 1200. What about disabling the torikan in Nullpomino (making a copy of the .rul file as to not overwrite my legit scores) and just going for survival?
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    loli haet maths
  11. Except the speed curve ends at level 1200. It doesn't get any faster.
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  13. The point was that Skitt's Law was in full effect:
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    and i know what you mean muf :sneaky:
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    Hein ?

    EDIT : fuck you all
    And banish me*
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    tl;dr I can understand things better than I can explain them. :p
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    The most important thing to understand in high-speed Ti, is that despite the fact that the pieces are falling very fast, you actually have quite a long time to think about where to put them. Suppose you're playing at a rate of 3tps (tetrominoes per second), then because you have 3 previews, each piece is visible in the preview for a whole second before it spawns. The most important skill to acquire is the ability to use this time as effectively as possible.

    If you're not already doing so, you need to start thinking about all 3 of the previews simultaneously, dividing your mental processing time pretty much evenly between them. As soon as a piece appears in slot 3 of the preview, you need to start thinking about where it's going to go. By the time it's in slot 2, your plans should be more concrete. When it gets to slot 1, you should have made up your mind and the rest is just preparing to let muscle memory take over and place the piece in the decided location. The vague plans for the 3rd piece, the more concrete plans for the 2nd, and the final plans for the 1st, should all be made simultaneously, and in combination.

    The way I trained was to back the speed off to a point where I was consciously aware that I was thinking about all 3 previews. I locked the level at this speed and played for 5-10 minutes until my brain got tired and I started to lapse into a state of merely reacting to the 1st preview instead of planning for the 3rd. I would then take a break for an hour or so (and get back on with my actual work :D), and then return. I would continue like this, each day having 3 or 4 sessions of 5-10 minutes, until I felt I was manual locking as fast as the game would allow. I then put the speed up a notch and began again.

    Anyway, to summarise and reiterate, you need to get as much use out of the 3 previews as possible, and you need to continually assess and reassess how effectively you're using them. Best of luck with your training...
  18. Well I think I'm making progress--I managed to survive 553 levels of this speed in Practice mode.

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