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Thread in 'Strategy' started by rednefed, 12 Feb 2015.

  1. I don't remember all the intricacies of scoring high in Ti's Easy Mode. Does anyone have a refresher/guide?

    Anyway - what's the right way to get 1100-1200+ hanabi without resorting to crazy stacking? Here's how my games usually go:
    1. Stack as high as possible, evenly but with column 10 empty and column 9 one row high.
    2. Start combo when appropriate piece and preview show up. If after a certain point continuing would result in clearing only singles, abort and begin to re-stack high once more.
    3. This leads to clearing a mini-combo around level 80-82 to lower the stack down to the bottom again. Ideally, the combo would end at level 99.
    4. Abuse level stop to stack high.
    5. Combo down.
    6. Stack again 'til about level 140-145.
    7. Combo down or stop when level is about 160-161.
    8. Stack until level 180-184.
    9. Combo down, making sure to keep combo alive while finishing the game.
    The credit roll is basically the same strategy, except in 20G and fighting the timer rather than level counter.

    I know T-spins (not necessarily Guideline T-spins) and hurdles give a bonus, but having those come up is blind luck during the combo and not something one can necessarily control. And bravos are to be avoided, right?

    Here's a two-piece motif I found useful:
    but again relies on luck.
  2. Yes, something like that was exactly what I was looking for. :)

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