Third Little Arcade Street meetup [Paris]

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by Qlex, 12 Nov 2015.

  1. Hey guys! @Redlof_b will be coming to Paris during November the 22nd, so I think we should have a little meetup and actually play some games there, including TAP!

    I remember we have @COL , @Tomek and a few others like @Gezoda even though some people are more available than others. Meetup should begin during the afternoon and end at roughly 6-7 pm.

    Write stuff! Who wants to come?
  2. I'll be there :) !
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  3. Unfortunately Arcade Street is closed on Sundays, so it could be great if we could reschedule our meeting for Saturday November 21st.
    Of course only if people want to come after the recent events in Paris...
    (Arcade Street vous accueille du mardi au samedi de 14h00 à 22h00 et le lundi de 17h00 à 22h00!)
  4. D:
    Not sure if @Redlof_b can come on Saturday. I'll be studying some alternatives. Thanks for the input and sorry for the inconvenience

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