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Thread in 'Discussion' started by Meroigo, 21 Jun 2009.

  1. i guess this is off topic...but i wonder why there is no tetris on ps3. any legal stupidity behind it?
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    for whoever is interested in Lode Runner, look up Lode Runner Online which is a 90's lode runner game for 2 players. I grew up with that game and its REALLLLLLLLLy good.

    Despite the name Lode Runner Online its not actually online.
  3. My gamertag is the same as on here. I don't have too much time to play that much. I mainly play Splash but started messing around with hexic a little bit again.

    Got to play with c_t a little about a week ago. It was so nice having someone who was a challenge to play. Good games dude.
  4. This looks pretty cool, I'll probably check it out eventually. It's not MMO style "online" but it does have netplay multiplayer.

    Thanks for the tips Meroigo. Some of those like Braid and Ikaruga and SOTN I already own and played through the first time around, so I think I'll pass. I want to get Bionic Commando for sure, and I'll check out the demos for MTG, Marble Blast Ultra, and N+.

    For the retail games the only one I'm confident I'll like is Portal... Feels strange that so few retail releases interest me. I sort of want to pick up Too Human because it was made by a local gamedev, but that's it really.
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    For people who are undecided about getting Tetris Splash, all you really need do is ask yourself the question: "Do I like fish?"
    Tetris Splash features the most beautifully rendered 3D fish ever seen (in a Tetris game), so if your answer is: "Hot damn, fish you say?!?!" it's definitely worth a purchase. On a more serious note, this game is only really worth it for the multiplayer, as Marathon and 40 Lines are the only single player modes, and won't keep you entertained for long. Marathon can be completed first time by an average experienced tetris player, and the scoring is the same ridiculous single-single combo nonsense as seen in a lot of other guideline games (Tetris Friends Marathon to name one).

    As for Lode Runner on XBLA, I'm really enjoying it too, and as colour_thief has said, it is extremely cerebral. colour_thief, mikehaggar and I are currently competing at the puzzle mode (I'm in the lead at the moment :)), and it would be really cool if some more TC members could join in with us. Sadly though, it seems that this game is vastly underrated and unappreciated. If anyone wants to try out Lode Runner Online which XeaL mentioned earlier, I found a download link for it here:
    It's not warez or romz or anything, the lead programmer himself has actually made the game freely available - what a neat guy!
  6. Pardon? :twisted:

    Seriously guys, if you have an X360 and enjoy puzzles, Lode Runner is the finest collection of electronic puzzles I've played in the last 9 years. The actiony modes are quite enjoyable too, but the puzzles are exquisite.
  7. Things are heating up and seconds are starting to get precious. Combining all our best times, we're about 30 seconds from 1st place, and I'm in 9th place right now.

    !!! IMPORTANT !!!

    Apparently this game will be receiving a price drop from 1200 to 800 points effective September 14th. That's next monday! If you were on the fence before, and the price turned you off, consider getting it now while we're all actively playing the game.
  8. Is there any way to see other people's stage times in game?

    If only I'd stayed on a fence a little bit longer...

    edit: It looks like the price drop will be temporary. Most likely Lode Runner will be next week's "deal of the week".
  9. Not in game, but there's a google spreadsheet where the 3 of us are sharing our times. It's really useful for telling when your strategy is flawed on a particular stage. Once you complete all 50 puzzles just let me know and I'll give you access to add yours.
  10. Edo

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    I got Lode Runner.
    It is a good game.
    Please add me as a friend. :awe:

  11. Hey guys, just a reminder that if you wanted to buy this game you only have the weekend left to get it at 800 points!

    TC is doing awesome, we've got the top 3 spots right now. Collectively we've improved on the previous 1st place by more than 70 seconds!!
  12. Ray Ayanami.

    No Gold since I'm too lazy and ghetto to renew my subscription, so look for me on the leaderboards for RF Aces, Rez HD, R-Type Dimensions, and Omega Five.

    However, if I get around to renewing Gold I'm totally up for Castle Crashers and Space Invaders Extreme. (Even if it's my least favorite version of SIE1)

    I also have Soul Calibur IV and CoD4 but I'm looking to get rid of these.
  13. Looks like our very own FSY got a mention on Lode Runner's developer's website!

    It also looks like we've missed tons of game events all throughout September, despite rather actively playing the game. Here's hoping they continue.
  14. Huzzah!


    Anyone notice anything strange about this picture? I thought I'd just capture that, as well as 3 TC members dominating the top spots. :awe:
  15. Apart from you, FSY, and Billmaan, no-one else has improved their times between the 2 screenshots...
  16. Incorrect! Mulh made a modest improvement.
  17. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    hmmm... something to do with your time...?
  18. ei


    Finally got a 360. I know, I'm a touch late to the party, but this is probably among the first times I've been in the current generation before it's completely threatened to end.

    My gamertag is EIHoppe, as you might guess.

  19. Hey guys, I just wanted to invite you to raptr. After you sign up, which takes 2 seconds, the site will automatically track how long you're playing every X360 game. It's kind of cool to sort of chart your progress and whatnot. The statistics are used in a variety of interesting ways, too many to list briefly. Ray Ayanami's already on there, and here's my page:

    In addition to player pages, games have their own pages too. It tells you how many hours raptr users have cummulatively played various games and whatnot, which is pretty cool. You guys should join so that they have more players with taste, so games like Jewelry Master Twinkle and shmups and whatnot get some exposure on there.

    You can sign up once and even forget about it if you like. Give it a try!
  20. Bumping this thread because not enough people on my XBLA friends list have purchased Super Meat Boy (trailer, gameplay montage).

    It's an amazingly good game, but don't take my word for it: here are a couple reviews.

    Oh, and it's on sale for 800 points for another four days. Once November hits, it'll cost 1200 (which would still be a great deal).

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