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  1. Realised we didn't have a "no tetris" videogame related topic so here we go.

    Funny video.
    And moreover, funny description "If you have problems telling white MJ from black MJ, its ok, he couldn't tell the difference either."
    Yeah, I have somehow a childish sense of humour, but nevermind.
  2. before i download the file, is it any better than the Sega genesis TAS?
  3. you can watch it streamed on dailymotion (link is available on the page)
  4. Just started playing Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey. Cripes, this is harder than Devil Survivor or Persona 4 on Normal.
  5. I've been playing a lot of Score Rush lately... Can't clear Normal difficulty yet, but I'm getting there! My best score is 117 million right now, and I've gotten past Boss B.

    Gah... shmups are so hard...
  6. Darius Gaiden's rank system is a load of shit.
  7. Total random topic hijack:

    How much videogame (everything: TGM, casual-wiiiPhAndroPre, hardcore playPC360) do you play every week ? (normal week, not holiday)
  8. probably 4 hours a day equates to 28 hours a week.

    When i was in my prime it was 8 hours of play a day. Now i have a life and play ITG instead. Unless that counts then OH FUCKING SHIT ITS STILL 8 HOURS A DAY = 56 HOURS A WEEK.
  9. So hype for Crimzon Clover. And Ketsui 360 OH WAIT IT'S EMULATED IN MAME NOW IT'S A WORTHLESS $78 PIECE OF GARBAGE derp
  10. lrn2play

    oh to be on topic uh about 28 hours per week i guess lol
  11. I play for about 4 hours every day. This leaves approximately 1.5 hours for practicing and 1.5 hours for whatever homework I have. If I have an orchestra rehearsal or concert then I have to give up some TGM time.

    The games I play currently are TGM, Crazy Taxi, Trials HD, Dodonpachi Daioujou, and Ketsui.
  12. My amount per day is very inconsistent. During the semester it would be half an hour a day, if even, for a total of something like 2~3 hours a week. However, now it has grown somewhat considerably since I'm on break (still not too bad though: maybe 2 hours a day or so).
  13. Almost never lol.

    No, honestly I don't play anything regularly enough to give numbers. Some days I'll play a couple hours, some weeks I'll do that a couple days in a row, and then other times I just don't play any video games at all.

    I'm on break right now and I think I played maybe 20 minutes today, and I don't really count it since I was just doing it to test something.
  14. I tend to play JRPGs during breaks and shmups during the semester (i.e. during "study breaks").

    (Although shmups tend to suffer from World of Warcraft syndrome less than, say, Minecraft.)
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  15. I think I play around 2 or 3 hours a day.
    For the last couple of weeks, I've been playing a lot dodonpachi, donpachi, some toaplan and rising old shmups and very little TGM (maybe two or three credits a day)
  16. K


    recently youtube proposed me to migrate video from "googlevideo"..
    it digged up some realllllly old shit from 2007 :

    most of answer if you have question are on the video's description.

  17. Muf


    Now go and write me an OpenGL engine!
  18. Woah... That's awesome! ^^
  19. It slightly annoys me that this game that never really saw the light of day still has a slicker interface than pretty much any community Tetris game out there with the exception maybe of Cultris 2 :(
  20. That's look nice. Too bad it's not going to be released. Too good to be true, I guess.

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