The Tetris World Championships - Podcast Tribute from Arcade Attack

Thread in 'Discussion' started by arcade_adriano, 12 Dec 2018.

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  2. @arcade_adriano Was pretty chill. I like how the CTWC documentary kinda transmitted the hype to that podcast. Also the "guess what happens" question to the others is a nice add, makes things a little livelier.

    If I may :
    1) I think Jonas did send a video of his maxout earlier than Harry but the video was deemed low quality and therefore not accepted.
    2) Pajitnov I think is close friends with Henk Rogers and co-founder of the Tetris Company LLC. I think nowadays he's gotten quite a lot of recognition as well as money for the Tetris franchise, though I can't find any numbers as of now. TTC was also an opportunity for him to work on other games.

    Aside from that and a few other things it was very accurate and interesting. Good job!

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