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Thread in 'Strategy' started by Amnesia, 2 Feb 2009.

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    your pricing is off a bit, it's gonna be about 30 for the stick (shipped) and about 23 for 6 (3$ each) buttons shipped. maybe drop 5 bux if they all ship together.
    add soldering iron, desoldering iron (only costs a little more then the braid and worth it in the time you save) plus solder.
    thats 70 in parts on top of your 10 dollar stick.

    I'm trying to be realistic here, i just modded my own stick so these prices are accurate.
  2. Also add in the time it takes you to do it. Even at minimum wage it'd add up a bit.

    Though you can't put a price on love [​IMG]
  3. I did mod a stick before buying a vshg and I bought everything in local shops: the broken crappy stick in a cash converter, the thrustmaster pad at "la fnac" and the parts at a video game shop that has arcade stuff and everything cost me 30 euros. If I remember correctly, amnesia lives in paris (I do live in lyon in which you can find far less stuff than in paris) so he should be able to find everything locally in a couple of weeks (he's been playing with his sucky controller for ages so I bet he can wait a couple of weeks to find everything as cheap as possible)
  4. "a new thrustmaster usb pad (10 bucks)"

    There's a gamepad called the "thrustmaster"? lol [​IMG]
  5. Muf


    Thrustmaster is a brand that started out selling flight sticks back in the days of flight sims in the nineties, that's what the name refers to.
  6. I bought my HRAP3 new for under $100, I don't know what you guys are talking about.

    I also need serious consistency help, but I don't know how to go about it. My 20G play remains unsteady after hundreds and hundreds of games and I don't know what to do...
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    c_t, I restarted from the base. with a radicaly different way than before, now I am playing DEATH mode, and few Master between.
    I try to ONLY stack for tetrises until the m rank.
    I really well preform it, I often can get 450 with only tetrises from the begining, stacking for tetrises at DEATH 300 is more and more easy after 1 week.
    I almost don't lock any more at 400, ONLY if I am under the middle with a clean stack. So everything is good, my average increases, I take more time to well perform each moves..I also slightly optimize some rotations for my L and J..And I take more and more pleasure to play this way..
    But the problem is that I almost don't perform any m rank now..I lose very often between 440 and 490, because stacking for tetrises at DEATH 400 pulls my whole energy out..The worst is that I am suffering from the bad effect of the "only Tetris stacking", now it became a naturel reflex so I can not play anymore for safe single and double at the bottom, I feel unconsciously forced to stack for tetrises..

    I really wonder if it is a good thing..Will this method bring some result later ?? Or am I doing things wrong ?

    Please, I need you to tell me something like :
    "continu on this way !! and you will be rewarded later for this hard training."
  8. Including p&p?
  9. It sounds like you are making good progress! You will definitely gain consistency if you continue. But do know that playing for tetrises 400+ in Death is more difficult than playing for tetrises 500-1000 in Shirase. Remember what is most important in your consistency trainning: Thinking hard about the best piece placements. Because tetrises 400+ in Death is so advanced, you should maybe make a small compromise and think extra hard about avoiding holes and maintaining stability. You can still play for tetrises there, but you need a different standard than 0-400.
  10. Shipping brought it over but not by that much.
  11. See, for me the postage was pretty much equivalent to the base cost of the stick.
  12. Likewise.
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    am i reading that rite? 100 + 100?
  14. Nah, the stick was about $70 IIRC, and then the postage was a similar amount on top of that. And then I had an additional payment for import tax of about 20 or so.
  15. My HRAP3 cost $77.71. The shipping was $74.10 with a $6.68 surcharge, but it'll be so worth it when SF4 comes out on PC!

    BTW, let's get back on topic. I wanna find out how to get more consistent.
  16. I used to end a lot of games really quickly, especially when I misdrop in the first couple pieces. Now I know that if I misdrop repeatedly I shouldn't be playing [​IMG]

    I only continue playing when I can perform okay to start off with, because beating myself up over repeated bad starts and 100 second 0-100 times in TAP isn't helping me get better.
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    imvho if you're not messing up you're not pushing yourself.

    I'm trying to boost my playing speed, and that can mess with solid stacking pretty bad.
    I want to get those 0-100 times down to under 60 seconds. In ti style I'm starting getting down to <70 seconds per 100. I'm faster for 100-200 and 200-300

    right now i'm constantly slow [​IMG] and bad starts don't help with the speed too much. However, if i mess up the start I know it is because I'm forcing myself to play faster. once I get my muscles working better solid stacking will follow. for me it's a matter of forcing those pieces into place fast.

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    Hmm, perhaps messing up happens more often when you push yourself to an extreme? It seems to me that you can still push yourself to some degree without having to mess up.

    I think Radish has a point about taking a break when you misdrop repeatedly. If you are uncomfortable with performing a certain technique, then it's reasonable to misdrop while you try to learn it. But if you repeatedly misdrop in situations where you definitely know you shouldn't, it might be time to take a break.
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    I use to fall in the vicious circle of :
    " RRhhaa !! [​IMG][​IMG] I won't stop until.... one last DEATH 400+.."
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    I am defiantly speaking of pushing extremes. I am a performance dj and am constantly pushing myself to play better.
    There is nothing worse the bombing it with the dance floor packed. you break everyones mood and they all look right at you with the wtf look.
    at the same time if you can give a performance that turns heads and drops jaws the feeling is amazing. and the energy rises.
    to me it's worth the risk to get that feeling.

    in these situations i simply cannot be afraid to train wreak hard. but it happens. so in my practice i push myself as hard as possible. very hard. the result of this is the middle ground moves closer to the extremes and I improve.

    the result of training in this manner is that now when I am on the stage i will still push the envelope. when things fall apart all I can do is stand back and shrug. it doesn't bother me because I know I'm pushing myself, and I would rather fail trying the succeed playing safe.

    I think this mindset makes it easy to keep my head down and just try harder even if I'm totally fucking up. if you have to perform you simply don't have the option to take a break.

    when i mess up I understand it is from pushing so hard, it makes me feel like I am succeeding in bringing my overall ability to a higher level.

    if you need a break you need a break, but messing up isn't bad if your pushing yourself.
    I have a different way of looking at life then most of people tend to. I'll take a bad situation and look at the positive results instead of letting it get to me.

    I think this same scenario applies to tetris.

    if you dont fuck up your not pushing yourself hard enough. [​IMG]
    ideally overtime you'll minimize those mistakes.

    the force will come.

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