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Thread in 'Strategy' started by Amnesia, 2 Feb 2009.

  1. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    If I had to be honnest, and had to write my score for one session in sudden ti, or death that would give this :

    289 - 23 - 67 - 505 - 34 - 75 - 189 - 22...

    This is tipically the session of someone who are no consistent..This is my case, few months ago, I have been so complexed and jealous by the speed of DIGITAL that I had let myself be seducted by the dark side of the force...During the following months I have been obseded by my speed and nothing else, ignoring the alarming recommendation of c_t and jago, because I was sure to crush them thanks to a good speed improvement..
    Today I can assume that I improved my top speed from 2,2 to 3,2 between last summer and today..Which is not useless ! but the only one thing it gives me today is the ability to make (1 run / 50) a wonderfull sudden ti 300-500, faster than c_t, kotetsu and digital (compared to his best torikan), but it is useless if I die under 510 with that..And the worst : it is cinematicaly faster seeing the game, but actually slower regarding the section times..c_t's citation :
    "these current speeds are an illusion.."

    so I tried to apply every advices ;
    -going for tetrises ? I can do it even for sudden ti 300-500 (if we neglect that I do it 1/50 run...)
    -playing carefully ? The result are the same, my performance are totaly undependant to my way for playing, for both bursting or taking care of my game..
    -never drop the game after a missdrop and try to correct every mistakes ? Sorry but I can not, it is stronger than me, and I perfectly know how to correct the worst mistakes with subtiles moves.

    So where is the problem ??
  2. When you screw up early on do you continue playing or do you just give up?

    Also, if you're pushing hard for every game your consistency won't be nearly as high as if you're playing at a comfortable pace.
  3. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    If I missdrop under level....~80, I drop the game
    and I must admit that I am pushing to beat my 0-300 or 0-500 99% of the time
  4. It makes me very happy that you are finally admitting this problem. Let me tell you that when you develop consistency there is an incredible joy that comes from each and every game. I know you occasionally get thoughts to quit Tetris... But when you are consistent this never happens. The pleasure of the game is simply too great. Now before I talk more about consistency, I interrupt this post for a word from our sponsors:

    Go buy a real stick immediately!!!
    Seriously Amnesia you have long outgrown the child's toy you play with. Why have you not bought a good stick yet? I think you simply don't realise how much this handicaps you. Is it a money problem? I will gladly lend you money to buy a stick if that's the only issue. But otherwise, it's completely ridiculous to continue with your Gamester.

    Let me start by telling you that presently I am incapable of clearing Sudden Ti 1200-1300 in Texmaster. I could play 100 games and fail all of them, with an average of 0.5 lines. However, after a one month break into TGM1, when I came back to Shirase I was able to get S5 S5 S5 etc, always within 5 seconds of the torikan. When I reached my first S10, I trained for the first time in Texmaster in various ways. Starting at 500, 600, 1000, locking hard, not locking at all, whatever. I gave it a good effort, playing several hours over several days, but I felt it was very poor quality practice. I was improving slower than I would be by simply playing the game naturally on my cabinet. Let me explain how I play:

    I play for tetrises, and for speed. However, when I say I play for speed, I mean I play at the edge of my comfort. It's very important to know where to draw the line, because when you play faster than this subtle limit your decisions start to become stupid. In fact: survival is the greatest priority of all. When I am uncomfortable with my stack, I slow down slightly and my focus is then to resolve the problem as efficiently as possible.

    I keep playing like I mentioned, but this part is where I get my best speed practice. These are typically the fastest sections of my games.

    Right now this is slightly slower than my range of comfortable speeds. I will lock a little right now, but since it is difficult to lock "just a little" I mostly end up not locking. So right now I play this part for tetrises and survival, but not for speed very much. I imagine within 6 months as my speed naturally develops, I will be able to lock 500-1000 and they will become my new fastest sections. But for now I know my limits.

    So, while everything is practiced everywhere in theory, I get the best practice for tetrises in the beginning, speed in the middle, and then survival 500+. If I were practicing in Texmaster always at my extreme limit, I would be beyond my comfort zone and I would never have the opportunity to practice tetrises or survival properly. It would be raw speed without the decision making such speeds deserve. I feel that, by playing the way I described above, I'm making the best progress and soon I will get 1000+ every session. In fact yesterday my 3 best plays (90 minute session) were: ~1100, ~950, ~850.

    Here are my recommendations for you:
    -Buy a real stick.
    -Play Sakura Eternal Heart for a week to master the different feel of the stick.

    And then when you are ready for a proper tetris game again:
    -Be prepared to temporarily reduce your speed. You cannot truly handle the speeds you're playing, it's an illusion. It is painful to say goodbye to this speed, but remember that within 6 months it will return 100x stronger than before.
    -USE HOLD, this is essential and it doesn't slow you down when you are well practiced. It will take months for it to become fully natural at higher speeds.
    -Stop suiciding your games. I've seen you play and you definitely don't recover in the most efficient way (using Hold etc).
    -Tetris Tetris Tetorisu! Remember that most of my 500+ Shirase games are SK gold. I'd much rather have this than a tiny 10 second advantage passing the torikan.

    In summary: Make sweet sweet love to the game instead of raping it. You'll enjoy it more, too.
  5. K


    you moron !

    1 ) start TGM1
    2 ) do 10 consecutive run
    3 ) tell me how many time you get Gm
    4 ) and realise where is your stupidity
  6. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Yesterday I tried to apply few advices, like reducing my speed by 5% for example,and try to keep surviving instead of good manual locking rythm..
    I did a M6 and died at 910..Which is encouraging.
    The stick is not a problem of money, it is a big object, hard to find (if you find a link right now, I would be tempted to order it at the instant..), I know that I will change of home, and maybe travel somewhere I ignore for my job, in these conditions, it is hard to tke the decision..This stick will requiert 10% of the space of my luggage when I will leave in 2 months..

    then, I would insist on this fact a last time (promised), the M6 I did yesterday looked much less agressive, powerfull and confident that the M8 at 6:22 I performed in August (5 months ago!), following the dark side of the force. and I can also regret the many m8,m9 and few M I did on haboris in sub-6..

    Otherwise, I also tried few sudden ti with HOLD, it is a disaster, I can play as fast for 0-300, but I am hesitating and not confident over 300, only because I think about the hold..So I still can break the TORIKAN, but it is less impressive than if I burst without hold..

    But I promise, I will do my best to radicaly change my way of playing. I thing I gained enough speed now these last months..Maybe the efficiency of this speed is an illusion, but the speed itself is not and should be a bit usefull for the future.

    Jago, if I play like I use to do (looking for a new best), I won't perform more than 1 / 10 Gm
    but if I play carefully, I bet for minimum 6 / 10.
  7. K


    don't bet do it ! [​IMG]
    i'm sure 6 is even too much for you
  8. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake


    I won't lie. [​IMG]
  9. How about making an homemade, slim & lite custom stick ? (or just mod your current one to have Sanwa stuff & a heavy bottom)
  10. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    jago, tu me suces si j'arrive en faire 8 ? [​IMG]
  11. I'm pretty sure that if I didn't push for time at all I could get at least 8 or 9 Gm runs in ten attempts.
  12. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I could get 10 if I really wanted to. Even one-handed.

    I find it interesting that I write a big post and you are attracted by Jago's tiny 4 line "advice" that can be done in one afternoon. I don't think 10 games of TGM1 will change anything... It'll only show you how inconsistent you are. The real problem can't be solved in one sitting, though it can be solved with just a few months. The best thing you can do is change your immediate goals from stuff like "i want to reach level xxx" or "i want to break the torikan within x:xx:xx" and instead have a goal like "i want to use hold like the grandmasters" and "i want as many SK gold's in one session as possible". It's ironic, but you'll reach higher levels faster by ignoring levels as your goal.
  13. See, in my situation I seem to have the opposite problem regarding hold usage. I want to use it like the grandmasters, but I am using it too much! Take away my hold, and it'd be like taking away a cane from a blind person. I guess I need to do the opposite then. However, it still requires the same TAP and TGM1 training...hopefully I can learn from this stupid mistake in my playstyle.
  14. I think the likes of yourself and a few others who have probably concentrated a little too much on Ti could do with the practice of playing TAP or TGM1 for a while, specifically Death, just so that you can improve your weaknesses when you have no hold, wallkicks or extra previews.
    Play TAP for a while and you'll feel a lot more proficient and noticeably more comfortable when you go back to Ti. The playing styles are different, but I think being skilled at TAP automatically grants skill at Ti, while the reverse isn't completely true.
  15. Kevin I'm not telling to use Hold for the sake of using Hold. The point is to get him to start thinking about piece placements again. As long as his decision making is shallow he's not going to learn and develop as a player. In your case not using Hold might get you to think in new ways I guess, but you're doing ok as you are for now.

    Amnesia, this is like saying "My laptop is too big, I think I will simply bring a Gameboy with Tetris for my training". Surely an amateur musician would bring his guitar if he moved to another country for a few months. You can bring a stick too, it's not that big.

    Somebody post a link to an HRAP3 for sale!
  16. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I have a high estimation for KB, he is a great player, thanks to his potential in SRS and ARS, a double competence which is rare here..
    but honnestly, I think that he really has a problem with the HOLD, telling to him that it is ok is not a good advice..
    If I had to make a definitive choice, I would prefer to continu on my way without hold than playing so discontinually like him, with a style suggesting that he uses the hold more to profite of an "extra lock delay" than using it to optimize his stacking. Most of people here seems to ignore an important point, the esthetic of the game, and I assume, maybe with a bit of pretention, than my style is much more sweet than his.
    A game performed without hold is definitely more interesting, subtile and nicer to watch than a game with the hold.
  17. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I really apologize, but I can not prevent myself to think that if I wait, I will finish to get one under 100$..
  18. I wouldn't be so sure. Don't see why the prices would dip that much. Not that I've been following arcade sticks with much intent, but it'd seem that the more common decision when a better stick gets released is to stop production of the old ones rather than to continue and just slash the price.
  19. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    There is still a lot of fool people unconscious who often sell this kind of material for nothing in cash center shops..Or on ebay.

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