Challenge: The Road to GM 2011

Thread in 'Competition' started by m.kevin, 14 Nov 2011.

  1. It finally happened. 2 months ago, KevinDDR made himself the first western Ti Grand Master, followed by Steve, only days after the first one.

    I feel 2011 is going to be the Grand Master year for western players, so I made this thread just for that.

    Here's the goal of the challenge : get the Grand Master grade before 2012.
    - Kitaru and Nahuel are the most probable GMs of this year, I know you can do it.
    - K, you're a Orange GM in TAP, I know you can do the Ti GM.
    - Amnesia, you can... ok maybe not.

    Here's the thing : it'll be a crowning moment of awesome if more than 3 players manage to get GM grade in less than 4 months. This grade is already really prestigious, it's the equivalent of winning 10 million dollars on Super Millionaire.

    Rank--Name----------------Grade - Lvl @ Time     - Date     - ST AC CO SK - Rotation - Notes
       1--[URL=""][-Steve-][/URL]--------------Gm - 999 @ 06:16:11 - 10/16/11 - SI       GO - World    - 2nd western GM
       2--[URL=""]KevinDDR[/URL]---------------Gm - 999 @ 06:30:55 - 09/13/11 - BR       GO - World    - 1st western GM
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