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  1. Unfortunatly unable to participate this month (Magic tournament the same day :p).

    Link to the final:


    Btw, seems we have a new 2nd WR:


    By Koo, the winner of the previous Masters.
  2. magic, as magic the gathering ?
    damn, crazy to see another player getting sub 9 minutes !
    he must have been crying and jumping all other the place... or not :p
  3. Yep, Vintage player :)

    Ou pas en effet :D
  4. By 2nd WR you mean new #2 player, right? I don't get how it can be out of rank for the Gm rankings and be the #2 time. Presumably 777 has the top three?
  5. Ai


    He's the second best TGM player as you can see on the Japanese TGM ranking. I count 55 players with times under 10 minutes. KOO's only the second player that manages to get a sub 9 minutes, which is very impressive of him of course. Congratulations!! ^^

    I've watched quite a few videos from the Masters tournaments and I believe there aren't many cabinets (I think I've only seen one) with a Grandmaster Ranking without 777's super times.
  6. damn, the third time is incredible: 9min04 achieved in 2003 !!!!

    and what about "GM 11:28:40 Jagorochi 04/07/29 personnal PCB (France) un jour peut e^tre sous les 10 min..."
    you should send an email and update the board jago ^^

    damn, just seen this page:
    adding the best section time, clear time would be 6:34:68 o_O
    wondering what time you could possibly get by tasing the game
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  7. Time for The Masters 44th !


    My 2nd tourny, I did less worse than my first time...

    Was kind of happy to go through 800, and was kind of f***k upset to wait for a I for like more than 20 pieces... gg :/

    Better performance till 400, but I was sitting this time next to Meso, and believe me, it's completely different to play with someone who's touching your fingers when you're already super stressed while playing :p

    We're still waiting for you guys, to come and play with us :)

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