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  1. So finally I was able to go on the Game Center The Pier 21 where monthly TGM tournies are held. Not so far from home, I went there yesterday on Jago's advices.

    Dark room, 4 TGM machines, 1 TAP and 1 Ti, with a lot of players around. Each of these guys reaching the GM rank at each plays, feel like I'm on Mars :o

    Talked a little bit to the manager, and when I told him I knew Jago, he yelled to the people around us : "Hey guy, Jago's friend is here!" :D So 5 minutes later, I was talking with 777, SQR, Koryan, Kan, SAL, Koo and all these ID we usually only see on YouTube :).

    I was unfortunatly not able to participate (must be GM), but stayed there for several hours, watching the biggest tournament ever in the history of the Masters, with 18 players! 2 rounds of pre-elimination, one more round, semi-finals and finals. Finally, Koo won on the edge, while 777 and Koryan lost before reaching the lvl 500 :p.

    A lot of fun, everybody is so nice, will be there for sure next month.

    Pictures, with Jago's name somewhere! Enjoy :)


  2. I watched part of this live here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ピア-生配信

    I think I saw two of the six player rounds. Not sure if what I saw were finals rounds though. Watching them is pretty exciting. I look at the stream whenever I can.

    Edit: Is being GM the only requirement, or do you need to be a consistent one? Because I guess this'd be a neat thing to do if I ever went to Japan, even though I'm sure I'd lose immediately.
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    thanks for your report.
  4. Ai


    Good to hear you enjoyed yourself and thanks for info and photos. ^^

    I think so, but you won't get far if you can't consistently achieve Gm. I remember tada participated a few times in the past.
  5. Key


    I'm glad you enjoyed the time during the Masters 36th. I just watched a few videos, and it was exciting to see new challengers (I follow the tournements somewhat closely from youtube and the Pier21 site). Thank you very much for writing the report in English, it is much appreciated!

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