The m-Roll true conditions!

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  1. all I understand about this technical stuff is that it's easier to get m-roll on TA than on TAP.

    Thus, I will play TA now [​IMG]
  2. TA will award you with the m grade directly when entering the m-Roll. Where TAP does not give you the m grade before after that you die during m-Roll.

    I also get a wierd feeling in TA during a section switch. It feels like soemthing they fixed in TAP. But it can be an imagination of mine. TA feels outdated.

    Also great screenshots showing the section time requirements Edo!
  3. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    hhmm...OK ! [​IMG]
    I will apply the correction on the leaderboard page..For TAP !

    TAP Master mode rules : 
    1 : Reach lv. 999 under 8:45:00 
    2 : Reach lv. 999 with the S9 rank 
    3 : Do the first 5 sections (000-500) under 1:05:00 for each one 
    4 : Do at least 2 tetrises in the 5 first sections (000-500) 
    5 : Do at least 1 tetrises in the 4 following sections (500-900) 
    6 : Section 500-600 musn't be 2sec slower than the average of the 5 first one 
    7 : For the 4 sections (600-999), section x musn't be 2sec slower than section x-1 
    8 : Survive the invisible section at the staff roll during 1min 
    What do you think about it ?
  4. K


    wow, thanks for those detailled investigation EDO !! [​IMG]

    funny to see there is still dark stuff we don't know about TAP [​IMG]
  5. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Yes, you've got it spot on. (Well, at least those conditions are correct to the best of our knowledge.) It's just a matter of personal preference how you wish to phrase them. One tiny thing that might be worth mentioning: for the times, it's not strictly "under", but "equal to or under", and "mustn't be more than 2sec slower" - i.e. a time of 8:45.00 on the dot would be fine, as would a section time of 1:05.00, and if section x-1 was 0:46.10, section x could be as slow as 0:48.10 and still be okay.

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