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Thread in 'Discussion' started by Ai, 30 May 2008.

  1. Welcome sugarhoneybunch :wub: !

    And that's an understatement, she can save herself from incredible situation. A master (mistress ?) survivalist. (she'll say I'm biased)

    Also, she mostly learned to play by herself and watching me playing (she didn't read any guide whatsoever).
  2. Ai


    Good to have you finally among us Suohfei. I started playing Tetris at about the same time. I did notice that you prefer to play 20G.

    A BIG congratulations for getting M in Sudden. That really is amazing!! As mentioned in the Sudden Ti thread by croikle the torikan is 02:28. If you beat that time you will be allowed to play further. Your personal records in Sudden and Sudden Ti are proof of your solid survivability skills. Have a great time on the forum! ^^

    If you're still having trouble pm me.
  3. another question. so I found that I like DRS mode. is it a good idea that I like DRS? (as... invalid of a question I suppose? I just want to know if it's concidered good, like would I be laughed at or frowned upon)

    oh! and I got mame to work properly ^^ thank you very much! I kinda don't like it so much, compared to DRS mode in heboris. I don't know if that is good or bad lol
  4. DRS is basically a bad clone of DTET. Play DTET if you like that.
  5. be warned of learning DRS, nobody uses it. and if you ever want to be pro at competitions and such, or compet with others, there are very few games that support it.
  6. okay, so what is the "competition" mode of sorts?
  7. People mostly post scores on here in TGM1, TAP (TGM2+), and TGM3 (Ti). TGM1 and TAP only have ARS, and TGM3 has a modified ARS known as "Classic" and an implementation of SRS known as "World". Classic is the standard for competitive play.
  8. aight so on texmaster, it's just classic?

    honestly, I think the only reason why I like heboris is the interface heh heh.
  9. Hah, yeah. Heboris does have a pretty slick looking interface. TGM3 is nicer though. Too bad it's really expensive! If you ever get the chance to visit Seattle though, just let me know and we'll get TGM3 up and running here.

    Also, you live in Hawaii? Which island? There's definitely at least one IIDX machine somewhere in there.
  10. I live in utah now actually. I'm moving back home next month. I really miss family heh. And yes! they do have a IIDX machine on oahu. I live on kauai. Well... will be again soon lol. Yeah, TGM3 looks beautiful. I heard you can reconfigure heboris to make it make it emulate TGM3 closer. I really don't know how to get the configurations right heh.

    Thats one of my gripes with texmaster. I mean, god bless that guy man. Respect for sure. I just don't get how to get the key config to work at all.

    I'm still just reading up on game play right now. It's really interesting. I can see how a casual observer would think a good player is losing because alot of placements are really thought out for wall kicking and maximizing placements.

    Heard your selling a cab eh? Thats pretty boss. I'd love to play this on a joystick though.
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  11. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    Some people find that heboris just feels more responsive then Texmaster.

    If you feel that way, it is worth obtaining Hebo Mini.

    You have to add master_extra and devil_quake to it using heboplugin (add plugin, and browse to the extra difrectory). THese clones are considerably more accurate then DEVIL-DOOM and Master-G4 form hebo U.E, and actually show all of the cools they should (though none of them know how hole regrets are decided).

    For those who wonder why devil-quake was called that, it's cause quake is the sequel to doom. This from a nation that doesn't enjoy first person shooters. :)

    Hebo mini is hard to find now, though.
  12. Muf


    Who are these people?
  13. sorry but for the ecstasy of order thing, modern (lol) tetris is much faster than NES tetris (albiet more easymode)

    your score on NES tetris is insane! welcome to tc <3
  14. Hey there, this is Alex. Welcome to the site!

    Although we don't have any truly hardcore NESers here, some players on TC got their start on the remake on Tetris + Dr. Mario for the SNES. Amnesia has some impressive scores on that version, but -- alas -- no videos to my knowledge.
  15. Welcome BenMullen !

    I hope you'll have fun in the tournament ! (You make me think that I need to recontact Adam).
  16. Muf


  17. literally learned about it last night... sort of what lead me here actually... very exciting (and explainitory)
  18. whats the tpm of level 19 Nes tetris?

    rough estimate, i know it gets higher if ur closer to the top of the screen.
  19. 75~90? If you're in some magic world where you can perfect tetris, 9 pieces have 10 frames of delay and 1 piece has 30 frames of delay, which averages to 12 frames per piece. If the average piece takes up a 2 cell vertical, a piece has to fall around 18 cells with nothing in the well up to 14 cells if the stack is 4 cells tall. At 2 frames per cell, you have 28 to 36 frames of active time. This works out to 40 to 48 frames per piece, which is 1.25~1.5 tps or 75~90tpm. You can have the stack get a bit taller if you're good, so it probably caps somewhere around 100tpm.

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