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Thread in 'Discussion' started by Ai, 30 May 2008.

  1. Yeah, both of us are in the East Midlands. Oli owns a copy of TGM1 whereas I own a copy of all three games. Neither of us own cabinets yet we both have good CRTs to play on with multiple arcade sticks. There's also tons of other Tetris stuff I have if you'd like to have a go at them (SEGA Tetris for DC + Naomi, 1988 SEGA Tetris, loads of JP PS1 Tetris games, both PAL and NTSC NES Tetris (both RGB modded), ect.

  2. Blimey! I'd love to have a go on the TGM's myself. Farthest I've gotten on a MAME'd TGM2 (I presume that doesn't exactly count as frame rate isn't as consistent) was S8, which I managed during a retro convention earlier last weekend. I'm yet to get past invisible credits.
  3. Personally I'd say it depends on the PC itself. Assuming the PC is strong enough to emulate without lag, I'd say it's fair game. There are people who think playing at 60Hz instead of the real 61.681173Hz is cheating (a little over a 2% difference in speed) yet I personally am not too fussed.
  4. Yeah, it's understandable why MAME and legit versions are under a different category.
    I realise if I ever hit GM on a MAME version, it won't really count, but I'll count it as progress all the same.
  5. fwiw, you can get versions of MAME that run the game at full speed (see tab -> game information, check refresh rate)

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