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  1. Re: Can you tell me more about...

    I don't think I'm going to speedrun Metroid, but I did speedrun Mega Man 3 two years ago, not the entire game though. But I was pretty good at Spark Man, Snake Man and Gemini Man stages which were the stages I practiced many times every day because I liked them the most.
  2. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY


    I was born back in '84, and spent most of my early childhood in Eastern Asia, including 4 years in Japan. I have memories of SEGA Tetris being literally everywhere, and on walks with my dad, I would frequently pass an arcade machine with a horde of kids clustered around it, with the two (or sometimes 3) at the front frantically waggling the joysticks and hammering on the buttons. They were all laughing and joking in a language that I barely understood, and they all seemed to be having a lot of fun. I was too young and nave at the time to realise that it was the demo sequence running, and they weren't playing the game at all. After the crowd dispersed, I would ask my dad if I could have a go, but of course, I was never allowed to waste my money on those "money tigers".

    I think it was about Christmas '89 that our family bought its first PC, a 286, and with it, a copy of Spectrum Holobyte's Tetris. Sadly, we only had a monochrome monitor, and the game just didn't look as good as the version I'd seen the other kids "playing". After the novelty wore off, the game didn't really hold my attention, and as soon as we bought a copy of Prince of Persia I ceased playing Tetris entirely. It wasn't for another 16 years that my interest in Tetris was rekindled.

    First I picked up Tetris Worlds (mainly on a friend's recommendation) which I played for a few days. Then I rediscovered SEGA Tetris, the game that I was never allowed to play as a child and had to settle for a funny green version instead. Then I found TGM, and I guess I've been addicted ever since. When I started with TGM, I was so bad at the main mode that I couldn't even last 200 levels to see the speed curve reset. But I persisted, and three years later, here I am, one of the strongest TGM players outside of Japan. :D

    So, to the question, "do you consider yourself a great player?", I guess my answer is yes; I like to think that my thought processing and decision making is very strong. However, there are so many talented players here that I know I'm nothing special really. Just because you're not one of the best in the world doesn't mean that you can't be considered great; it's like learning a musical instrument, once you attain a certain high standard (usually recognised by a grade exam), nothing can lessen that achievement, just because others have achieved the same it doesn't make you any less great.


    I play "Tetris: The Grand Master 2 - The Absolute PLUS" almost exclusively. I occasionally dabble in other versions, but not for longer than a couple of days. The amount of time I spend playing varies from half an hour a fortnight, to several hours a day. It depends on how busy I am with other things in my life.


    I play a lot of chess, in real life over the board, and online. I realise that's probably not what you had in mind with this question so I'll give you some more conventional answers. I used to be quite obsessed with PuyoPuyo, but don't play so much any more. Actually, I'm looking to get back into it, so if anyone here fancies a game, pm me! :) I'm also a big fan of shmups, my favourites probably being Psyvariar 2 and Homura. Recently, I just bought Geometry Wars 2, and Magic The Gathering on XBLA, mainly because I saw SQR and dzag playing them.


    Hmm, I would say PuyoPuyo, but I know you already play that. Sorry, I guess I don't really have any suggestions. Although, I did find this little article a while back which might give you some ideas.
  3. 1. I first played tetris as a kid on a gameboy. During high school, I discovered TetriNET and started to play that, eventually moving to TetriNET2. I played that for a few years on and off until it got shut down.

    A friend told me to check out Tetris DS multiplayer somewhere around early 2008 so I did. This lead me to the TC wiki where I learnt some Tspins. After a few weeks of Tetris DS, I took a long break before returning to check out TC. On the forums, I found a Corrosive thread where he was selling tetris lessons. Not wanting to pass this great opportunity, I signed up immediately! (not really, I signed up a bit later)

    2. I've played Tetris on Gameboy, Tetris DS, TetriNET, TetriNET2, Blocktrix, Blockbox, Heboris and Texmaster. I've briefly played Blockles and Tetris Friends.

    On average, if I am in a 'Tetris Season', I play an hour or more everyday. Currently, I only play Blockbox and some Texmaster.

    3. Not playing any games now besides tetris...

    4. Go - the board game. Not really a block/puzzle game but it is worth checking out.
  4. ei


    I guess I might as well have a go at these:

    My first exposure to Tetris was the original Game Boy Tetris many many years ago. If I recall, I got the Game Boy and Tetris as a Christmas gift at age...4? Somewhere thereabouts. Played it religiously for a long time, got fairly good at it, wanted more.

    Picked up Tetris & Dr. Mario and played a bunch of that on and off for many years, but never really got into more "modern" Tetris games until I stumbled upon Tetris the Grand Master sifting through a MAME romset many years back.

    Played it a fair bit, got frustrated a bunch (at the time, I don't recall making it much past 300), shelved it for awhile.

    Got Tetris DS and that got me back into the craze. Played it a bunch and suddenly TGM creeped back into the back of my head--started playing that again seriously a couple years ago, and haven't looked back since.

    As for my skill, I'd say I'm a "quite good" player--I think the major milestone for me that I haven't succeeded in yet that would bring me to great is a TA Death M--come very close many times, but just haven't pulled it out to 500.

    Typically TAP and the TGM3 modes on Texmaster. I'll occasionally indulge in TGM1 when the mood strikes.

    As for play frequency, I usually play somewhat sporadically nowadays--sometimes I'll go weeks without touching Tetris at all, then have a four hour marathon session. Other times I'll play a few rounds a day. It really depends on my mood, how busy I am (read note: right now that would be quite busy!), and if any other games are catching my devotion. I usually focus on one game series/genre/whathave you and then just redirect that focus when it strikes me.

    The huge offender is beatmania IIDX--my roommate from freshman year in uni introduced it to me this year and I got completely hooked--to the point where I'm probably going to splash out a couple hundred USD for an arcade style controller later this summer once the cashflow from my job rolls in.

    I also have a soft spot for RPGs, especially, for no discernible reason, mediocre ones that no one else enjoys quite as much as I do. Don't know why I find them so riveting in a lot of cases, but so it goes.

    I also like to play Panel de Pon (Tetris Attack, Yoshi's Cookie, etc. etc. etc.) a bunch, but haven't much recently due to lack of worthwhile competition (i.e. most of my local friends are quite terrible--and the one that is decent lives sufficiently north that I rarely get the opportunity to play).

    Mostly TGM, IIDX, and RPGs recently though, with the occasional deviation for other good games (Ace Combat comes immediately to mind, throw in Devil May Cry while we're at it.)

    I once had a soft spot for scrolling shooters as well, but that seems to have dimmed somewhat. Chances are good when the mood strikes I'll go on a shooter binge and the balance of power will probably shift to TGM, IIDX, and shooters, heh.

    A lot of the good ones (all of them?) have been recommended, I think, but I'll throw more recommendations for Puyo Puyo, Panel de Pon, and Meteos on the pile.

    By the way off-topic F-Zero GX is awesome. Throwing that recommendation on the pile, too.

  5. Surprised how many people here actually play this. I play occasionally on KGS, but I almost always have games running on the Dragon Go servers. Rated around 15k and 20k respectively.

    Unfortunately don't really have anyone I can play offline outside of Uni.
  6. Alright, I guess I should:

    1. I really didn't play that much Tetris as a little kid, but my aunt and my cousin were obsessed with the game. My cousin even says that in college she would occasionally skip class to go to an arcade and play it.

    As such, my interest in Tetris was rekindled towards the end of 2006. I was looking at gifts and saw Tetris DS there. It looked like a fun game, so I put it on my wishlist. I received it from my cousin that Christmas. Popped in the cart and started up Marathon mode, and I got to something like 180 lines on my first try. Completion of the mode came the day after that. So, I guess you can say I've been playing Tetris casually for about two and a half years.

    However, I don't believe it was TDS that brought me to TC like a lot of other members. By that time, TC also had an established TGM community, if I remember correctly. After reading an article on TGM on Wikipedia, I thought something to the effect of, "999 levels? Wow, that must be brutal." I also remember thinking that 20G couldn't be that hard after what I'd learned from playing TDS. Sadly, I was mistaken.

    I starting lurking a bit on TC and downloaded ZiNc and TGM (at this point TAP wasn't in MAME), and was terrible at it. I would tend to die in the 300 section, maybe the 400 if I was lucky. I'd never broken the 500 barrier and I had hit a wall at something like S2. Frustrated, I dropped the game and forgot about it for a long time. I still played a decent bit of TDS, because that was easy and not frustrating. Wifi could be frustrating because I hadn't learned how to T-spin.

    Then, a bit less than two years later, I came across some videos of TGM (I think jin8's GM performance) on Youtube. I remembered TGM and TC and came back and lurked some more. I re-downloaded TGM, and landed S4 and broke 500 soon after I started playing it. I got addicted and joined TC as well. So, I've been really serious about Tetris for around six months.

    I guess in comparison to the average person, I'd consider myself a great player given that I've achieved Gm in TGM1, but compared to most of TC I'm nothing special at all. I have, however, recently gotten over the compulsive urge to whine about how much I suck. :D

    2. TAP and Texmaster mostly. Some Blockbox, a tiny bit of Heboris. I've stopped playing TGM1 as the input lag pisses me off now. Randomly I'll pick up Super Tetris 3, but SRS no kicks pisses me off too, so not so much anymore now that I've maxed it.

    I don't play that much per day, maybe around an hour, but there are days when I go without Tetris completely. If I hit a wall, I go on a Tetris break as well.

    3. Ehhh. I play a bit of DotA with my friends now and then, but recently I haven't really been playing anything besides Tetris. I play a decent bit of Planet Puzzle League and Tetris Attack. I write things with Korg DS-10 when I'm bored and not anywhere near FL Studio. I played some Mother 3 recently, and some Super Smash Bros. (N64) but I'm really waiting for Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, and WarioWare: DIY. (Yes, I'm a Nintendo junkie. I admit it) Until then, it's unlikely any game will hold me for any reasonable length of time.

    I also dabbled in Go for a short while, but I'm stupidly unobservant, so I'm terrible. Rosti can testify to this. XD

    4. Tetris Attack, of course. I used to play some Puyo Puyo as well, but I'm absolutely terrible at chaining, so I usually just try to spam Fever mode and hope I'm able to counter everything. Meteos is pretty good as well, if a bit unorthodox. I sometimes break out Dr. Mario, that's always a blast. :p
  7. 1. How and why did you start playing Tetris? Can you also please specify how long you have been playing Tetris and if you consider yourself a great player? ^^

    I started playing on the GB version way back when. but I only really started getting in to puzzle games when I had xbox and arcade machine. The xbox it was puyopop fever and on the arcade magical drop3. Now im a shit tetris player. it was only until about 6 or 7 years ago i actually found out a tetris was getting four lines in a row and not just the name of the game . . . *shame face*

    2. What Tetris games do you play and how much do you play daily on average?

    I dont play a lot. I should play more, its just right now i dont own a TV of my own and i have to share with the familly.

    3. What other games besides Tetris (if any ^^) keep you busy?
    Street fighter 3.3 i play a lot. But im a big RPG player. im kinda torn between something i can pick up and play like puzzle and fighters and something i can poor a lot of time in to like an RPG.

    4. Any other block/puzzle game you recommend I should look into? Tetris variants are also welcome.

    Puyo pop fever, magical drop 3, money puzzle exchanger and its not the best version the Naomi version of tetris which features the dog which screams Wonderfuuluuuuu when he wins. Cracks me up every time. its kinda become a catchphrase of mine if something is either going good or im kicking someones ass at a game lol.
  8. 1. Tetris on a classic GameBoy, then tetrinet with irc friends, then tetris DS got me on TC after googling. Basic history. I'm a casual player. When i play it's periods that i really go for it and get a little better, then another game catches my attention till i get back at Tetris.

    2. Blue Lava's Tetris on my mobile a lot if a moment pops up. Tetris DS before i go te sleep in bed. ATM. i play TetrisFriends. If i reconnect my Wii i might get Tetris Party. Too bad the PS3 doesn't have a Tetris. I don't really get the hand of Lumines ...

    3. Everyting. Started with a NES, later a SNES while friends had a SEGA machine. I was a typical N fanboy. When i got old enough to buy my own consoles i got me a GameCube, GBA and NDS, later a Wii, but i found i lost interest in Nintendo. I got a free PS3 with 50 games and i'm a trophy whore now.

    Between the NES / SNES period before i started living on my own buying consoles i became a PC gamer. I was in a Quake 2 clan that ranked top 10 of the world. I trained every night a few hours. When Q3 came i lost interest, i didn't liked it, plus my hardware atm. didn't ran it smooth.

    I also like shmups and bemani games alot, but never get really good at them.

    4. I think most of them are already mentioned. I liked TrionCube, although most people resent it. If you go for gold on all levels it's pretty fun and addictive.
  9. Ai


    Re: Can you tell me more about...

    Thanks for all your posts everyone.

    I'll change the thread's name to make it more easy for newcomers to find where to introduce themselves. ^^

    EDIT: It seems that itsn't possible to change the thread title like on the previous forum. Can a mod change it to "Tetris introduction thread" or something similar? I'll indicate in the OP that you can talk about anything you want.

    EDIT 2: Thanks colour_thief!
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  10. COL


    1. I started Tetris with the Game Boy version in 1989 (like anyone???). During 2004-2005 I discovered TGM... I always believed i was a god until I found those vids :D and this forum...
    I don't consider myself good (otherwise what about KAN, JIN8, and some users here like c_t etc, anyway I have trouble playing fast,i learn slowly and I don't know if i will ever be M in tap for example).

    2. I play exclusively TGM, TAP and Texmaster. I don't play regularly, some days i play 8 hours, some days 10 min, some days i don't play.

    3. I've been playing shmups and mame for years (I posted on mamescore and marp, under 'Buttman' nickname)
    Nowadays I often play chess on internet and with friends.

    4. Tetris Attack is great (obviously I'm not the only one to think that here, I discovered this game few months ago and i really enjoy it, I wonder how people can perform x13 combos so easily) I also enjoy Puzzle Bobble series.
  11. orz


    i'm orz motherfucker i play a bunch of shmups and fighters and shit god damn
  12. back up in dat ass with the resurrection.
  13. orz


    is the group harder than an erection
  14. i was registered as "cycle" on ya rosti...i am back to kick your noob butt. >:(
    um. and i too started with tetris on the gb in 89 (which i didn't care for in particular).

    i only really like one tetris game...which is tetris ds. and only competitive multiplayer modes. i sold my ds a while ago but i might get one again when they offer a good dsi tetris. i like all sorts of videogames, but since tetris ds i have been very picky about games cause it set the bar so high and i'm a long time gamer anyway (i'm 2B). right now i play exclusively on ipod touch and mac/pc.

    my fav game at the moment is droplitz on ipod/iphone. which is really hard to master. (
  15. Tetris has been my life since birth. I was born on the day Tetris was founded and I got my first Tetris game on GameBoy the very day it came out, I was 4 then. I have been playing Tetris 20 years to this very day. Unfortunately life has prevented me from reaching my prodigy state I had as a child...

    I mainly play Sprint. Marathon, and Tetris 1989( I recently got involved in the block box community and I play almost every day now, but I have played off and on for 20 years.

    I don't play more than Tetris, I grew up with it and I love it. But you could see me playing my old Atari and NES systems...

    To be honest there is no other block game in my book that matches up to Tetris...
  16. 1. How and why did you start playing Tetris? Can you also please specify how long you have been playing Tetris and if you consider yourself a great player? ^^

    Started playing last exam season (bad timing, I know) because my girlfriend had gotten quite obsessed with Battle2P at So I guess I've been playing for 3 or 4 months now?

    Anyway, not to be outdone, I quickly bested her scores in every mode there.

    I consider myself far from a great player. I support I'm fairly good compared to the average joe you logs onto tetris websites and plays with his keyboard, but I've never even touched a tetris arcade machine or attempted anything like death mode or whatever. "Good" maybe. "Great"? Naaaaah.

    2. What Tetris games do you play and how much do you play daily on average?

    I mostly play Ultra and Survival on and that's about it. Occasionally I will play some Battle2P or Marathon, but not often. I'm top 100 Survival player and an avid t-spinner.

    3. What other games besides Tetris (if any ^^) keep you busy?


    4. Any other block/puzzle game you recommend I should look into? Tetris variants are also welcome.

    Not really sorry... Puzzlebubble is a classic.
  17. Hello I've been playing tetris since I was 5 (I got the gameboy version for christmas) I'm now sixteen and have my sprint time down to 1:07.78 on tetrisfriends. I've managed to make it to level 20 on the 1989 version about 5 times and have come close several others. I'm always looking to improve myself. I run track, pole vault and do marching band. Other video games I enjoy include halo 3 and a variety of other shooters. I look forward to being apart of a large tetris forum :)
  18. Hi folks. I finally decided to register here after using the wiki for a while. I can't really think of anything that interesting to say about myself at the time, so I'll just answer the questions for now.

    1. How and why did you start playing Tetris? Can you also please specify how long you have been playing Tetris and if you consider yourself a great player? ^^

    Hmm... I don't exactly recall the year I started playing Tetris, but I remember getting Tetris DX for Christmas one year with a GBC. I sucked at it at the time and Tetris was boring to me for a long time as a result. It wasn't until Tetris DS that I really got back into Tetris. As for whether or not I'm a great player, I'm not exactly sure. In general, I like to think I'm pretty good, but by a community standard, I'm a novice.

    2. What Tetris games do you play and how much do you play daily on average?

    Tetris DS, Tetris Party, and Tertis Friends


    As for how much I play daily... Well, I only play it semi-regularly, but when I do play, it's usually for hours on end.

    3. What other games besides Tetris (if any ^^) keep you busy?

    Dr. Mario, Puzzle League, Mario games in general, SSBB, and a couple other ones.

    4. Any other block/puzzle game you recommend I should look into? Tetris variants are also welcome.

    Dr. Mario? Puzzle League? Dare I say... Yoshi's Cookie?
  19. kx5


    1. How and why did you start playing Tetris? Can you also please specify how long you have been playing Tetris and if you consider yourself a great player?

    First started with the gameboy tetris way back when. My grandma was pretty good at it and often reached level 20 o_O; Had to beat her at it. Took a long tetris break until PetitPrince's TGM gameplay essay, which sucked me into the faster variants of tetris. I started to lurk these forums and everyone's records just amazed me.

    2. What Tetris games do you play and how much do you play daily on average?

    Lockjaw and Texmaster for the most part. I tried BlockBox, but I don't know. Not feeling it just yet.
    On normal days, I play about thirty minutes to an hour each day, but if I'm super motivated...way too long. When I get in that motivated mode, i talk about tetris so much, my friends get really annoyed.

    3. What other games besides Tetris (if any ^^) keep you busy?

    I play a bit of Starcraft and follow the Korean Starcraft scene.

    I used to play Cave Story a lot(man, I remember beating the secret level in 3:00:01 when i was tryin' to get sub-3min), but not much anymore. Got into playing La-Mulana for a while. Love that game. Can't wait for the wii remakes of these.

    The Mother series.

    I also play SSB64 and SSBM(and not Brawl. Don't like that one too much).

    4. Any other block/puzzle game you recommend I should look into? Tetris variants are also welcome.

    Eh, Tetris Attack for sure. That was great for long car rides as a kid. Other than that, I haven't really played other ones.
  20. This seems like the appropriate place to mention it. The user previously known as jago is now known as K. I'm assuming it's related to his longtime arcade initials "KIL" which he has shortened.

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