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  1. Hi guys

    My name is Vincent, I'm 39. I'm Belgian and live in Quebec city since 2011.
    English is not my first language so I hope you'll understand me xD

    1. Why did you start playing Tetris? Can you also please specify how long you have been playing and if you consider yourself a great player? ^^

    I started playing on Game Boy in 1989 or 1990. tetris was my only game for a while so I played it a lot during 4 or 5 years.
    My PBs at the time where around 210 lines and 450k. After that, with new games and new consoles, I wasn't playing Tetris too much.
    One game or two if I had the opportunity to find a Game Boy, I never switched to the other versions, the Hold feature seems (for me) to change the core of the game and the feeling of playing on Game boy was also the best for me.

    Last Year, during a trip, there was a Game Boy with Tetris in the restrooms. I played some games and broke my 2 PBs, making 221 lines and 540k then 551k.

    In march 2018, I was talking with a friend that just bought a Nes classic copy. He asked me if I wanted to play with him. Of course !
    So found out that we were 2 tetris fans and just started to play once a week, 2 or 3 games on Tengen Tetris.

    The 3rd or 4th week, I did 978 lines and 1.280.000. Wanted to know if it was a good score or not, start looking around and found Twin Galaxies ...
    I saw the crazy records there and discover the NES version with the CTWC. It seems to me that I could find the old sensations on this one.

    So this April, I downloaded a emulator and started on the NES version.

    During the Gameboy times, I thought I was pretty good at Tetris because I didn't know anyone who make more lines or a better score,
    but now afer watching CTWC, Tetris masters ... I think I'm an good average player

    Score 460k on NES Tetris last week and a 400k starting from lvl 18 and started to play with the 2 buttons coz I was a one player button.

    2. What Tetris games do you play and how much do you play?

    Nes Tetris : 3 or 4 times a week.
    Tengen : Once a week with my friend.

    3. What other games besides Tetris (if any ^^) keep you busy?

    Overwatch, a lot of overwatch ..., CSGO, tomb raider series and many more.

    4. Any other block/puzzle games you enjoy?

    Not really

    5. How did you find out about tetrisconcept?

    Right now, I'm pretty obsessed with Tetris again, so I'm looking on the web for ressources and found Tetris concept.

    Have a great day guys !
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  2. Hello everyone,

    My name is Davy and I'm 30 years old. I live in The Netherlands and got into NES again with some friends for the nostalgia of it.
    I never really got into tetris before when I was younger but after playing it again it made me curious about what the game had to offer and after browsing around the content I found out about all the championships, the streams and the wonderfull community.
    Pretty much binged the whole thing last winter, and I am now playing tetris since october 2017.

    I've been playing a lot of league of legends the past years and I think the best days we had online were around the ut99 and diablo 2 times.
    The rest of my gaming I try to spend time just playing boardgames, rpg's and some co-ops or singleplayers.
    it feels bad in my opinion that gaming communities nowadays are getting pretty salty and sometimes even toxic so for this reason I went looking for new games.
    And with a crt collecting dust on my attic and my recent NES experience , tetris wasn't a very hard choice.

    So a big shout out to everyone here is in place! To all the champions and the players (not gonna go into names because I'm going to regret forgetting someone ;)) and the whole tetris community which has been, if only it has been from a distance, very enjoyable for me :).

    A prime example of how things should be and a thank you to everyone for letting me be part of this!
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  3. Hey everyone !
    I'm Will aka PorCus, a 41yo Swiss guy, trying to find ways to play TGM* . I do network stuff in the DFZ [1] for my day job, I'm a DJ, also doing stuff in many non-profit organization and if my life is not busy enough, I also wrote a SF novel (in French, no pdf version available yet ;) ) .

    Hope to find ways to get into that game, and hopefully improve if I can balance my time right for improvement ;)

    1. Why did you start playing Tetris? Can you also please specify how long you have been playing and if you consider yourself a great player?

    I discovered that game with the Gameboy around the begging of the 90s when I was around 14 or 15, and played a lot with the linked feature. I won't say I'm a great player, I'm just decently ok, I could beat some younger people at some hacker conference when I was actually not exactly drinking only water. So I suppose I have something that's almost a muscle memory for basic Tetris behaviour.

    2. What Tetris games do you play and how much do you play?
    I discovered I could run TAP on a Mame, and that TI will run in a Virtual Machine, so I will try to find more permanent hardware to play it. Has I don't have received the stick I ordered, I'm not pushing too much my time on that currently, but will some hours if I got a non-busy day. I also played a bit of Tetris Nes on Emu on my PSP.

    3. What other games besides Tetris keep you busy?
    I currently have two games I play almost daily, Zombidle and Forge of Empires. I also want to re-run a Quake3 server to play with my friend from that era, when we organized some of the Lan Parties in Geneva.

    4. Any other block/puzzle games you enjoy?
    Didn't caught the mood on Dr.Mario, and cannot really remember if I played any other games in those mood. Not sure OpenTTD [2] counts as a puzzle ;)

    5. How did you find out about tetrisconcept?
    Searching for TGM informations will at most of the points end up on this forum, so here am I ;)

    Cheers !
    [1] DFZ : Default Free Zone, the place were the internet happens with the full routing table and no default route.
    [2] OpenTTD : Opensource version of Transport Tycoon
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  4. It's not very often that I hear about someone else playing OpenTTD !
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  5. Hey everyone!

    My name is Christopher and I'm a young 15yo and since I watched the TGM section in AGDQ2015 I started playing TAP on mame (that should be a hint of how long I've been playing TGM)
    I live on Mexico since I was 4 but I actually was born in the US, still I know just the basics of English so sometimes my words won't make sence because I won't know how to say what I want to say

    1. Why did you start playing Tetris? Can you also please specify how long you have been playing and if you consider yourself a great player? ^^
    I started playing tetris because... I didn't had anything else to play on the go, the first tetris game I played was "Tetris POP" like in 2010, a tetris game for the old java phones, it's not a very known tetris game I believe, it also was just a demo also (I ended downloading the full version on internet), it is a mission based tetris game with a lot of game modes, I liked the game and I haven't played the game in years, I consider myself as a good player vs most people, vs the tetris community? just average

    2. What Tetris games do you play and how much do you play?

    Right now I play a lot TGM3 Shirase (Classic) and less Master, I play almost all days, I rarely play TAP Master, when I skip days on TGM3 it's usually because I'm playing tetris friends, and because they have different rotation systems I get confused a bit if I keep changing between ARS and SRS

    3. What other games besides Tetris (if any ^^) keep you busy?

    I don't have any game consoles, and my pc is a potato so I don't have a lot of options, I play a lot the old doom online via doomseeker

    4. Any other block/puzzle games you enjoy?

    PUYO PUYO! I actually got into the puyo puyo series a year before the International release of Puyo Puyo Tetris was announced (it felt kinda magical for me when it got announced) , I wanted to play Mean Bean Machine again and I ended on Puyo Nexus learning a lot about the original games, and became a fan in no time.
    PD : Draco best waifu

    5. How did you find out about tetrisconcept?

    Searching for tetris communities and TGM info
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  6. Hi and welcome to the Tetrisconcept community! I hope you enjoy it here as much as everyone else is :D

    To be honest, I've never even heard of that game before yet I tend to enjoy a lot of mission-based/more puzzle-heavy Tetris games and Tetris POP seems like a rather interesting game now that I've researched it a bit. Especially seeing as it pulls off some missions in ways I've never seen any other Tetris game would.

    There is World Rule for TGM3 which is a lot more like the rotations you're used to in Tetris Friends, however that still doesn't solve the issue for TGM1 or TAP as those games are ARS only.
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  7. Hello all.

    John from Australia. Just got back into Tetris recently. I'm a pretty ordinary player, but I love competitive gaming of any type no matter how good the skill level is - it's about fun and improving your game.

    1. Why did you start playing Tetris? Can you also please specify how long you have been playing and if you consider yourself a great player? ^^

    Played it pretty much casually since it first came out all those years ago, recently got back into it after watching all the CTWC vids on YouTube and also Ecstacy of Order - loved it.

    2. What Tetris games do you play and how much do you play?

    Getting into NES at the moment, direct result of it being used for CTWC and also looking at running a competition here in Australia of a similar format - I'll get to that.

    3. What other games besides Tetris (if any ^^) keep you busy?

    Play a lot of retro arcade games - current WR holder on Bump 'n' Jump Arcade and MAME. Preparing for the 2nd Aussie Kong Off at present, so trying to find time for some Donkey Kong.

    4. Any other block/puzzle games you enjoy?

    Not too many, talking MAME / Arcade - Pipe Dreams is fantastic, but haven't touched that for a while.

    5. How did you find out about tetrisconcept?

    Pointed in this direction by a couple of people over at Hard Drop forums who suggested I might be able to contact those responsible for the CTWC here.
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  8. @Johnno73 Another Aussie! :D I'm a TGM player, but I love watching NES tetris. I haven't got into it myself yet because I would prefer to play on NTSC than PAL, but I'm having trouble finding an NTSC in Australia. Do you have any ideas on the easiest way to pick one up?

    Also, I've watched some DK before, but not too much, is the Aussie Kong Off going to be streamed somewhere? Good luck with it! :) And good luck with organising an Australian type CTWC event, if it's somewhere near me I'd probably come and watch or even help out.
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  9. Think the cheapest and easiest way is going to be to buy an NTSC NES from the USA, they'd be pretty cheap but postage will suck. Maybe find others like myself that would want one and go in on a group buy. Otherwise just buy several yourself and flip them when they arrive, you should get rid of them easily.

    Local market I went to recently had 2nd hand PAL NES for $130 inc 2 controllers + power cables. Would have to see how that compares to buying in the US I guess. Ideally I/we would like to run the Tetris comp I have planned in NTSC if at all possible. Makes comparing apples with apples and also it has a bigger following and a lot bigger score list on sites like Twin Galaxies for those that submit.

    Yeah Aussie Kong Off will be streamed, last years vids are still up for those who might be interested. The channel is Aussie Kong Off 2 will be run the weekend of Nov 10-11, think streaming will start at about 10am which is EST not ADST as we living in the dark ages in Queensland during summer :) Bigger and better this year, 8 machines are planned and we will probably have 3 Million pt players and another 3-5 killscreen players on top of that qualifying.
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