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  1. Welcome, fellow puzzle degenerate moh. ;)
  2. 1. Why did you start playing Tetris? Can you also please specify how long you have been playing and if you consider yourself a great player?

    I started playing regularly to see how good I can get. I've played it here and there but only started seriously playing when I saw the following it has from the doco. Definitely not a great player but I like to think I can be if I play it enough. My best score on NES Tetris is 343K at the moment, starting on lvl 8 and reaching lvl 16.

    2. What Tetris games do you play and how much do you play?

    The only version I play on a regular basis is NES Tetris (PAL) and probably play about 1-3 hours most days

    3. What other games besides Tetris (if any ) keep you busy?

    Love video games, favourites are Morrowind, Zelda Ocarina of Time, Goldeneye 64, Dead Space and the like.

    4. Any other block/puzzle games you enjoy?

    I'm obsessed with "The Impossible Game" if that counts, I really recommend it, you can get it as a phone app, level 1 probably took around 1000 attempts.

    5. How did you find out about tetrisconcept?

    Ben Mullen sent me here from his youtube video comments.
  3. Welcome bj3! :)

    PAL, uh oh! Not sure if Ben gave you the lowdown, but PAL is pretty broken. In some ways it's easier, in other ways it's incredibly more difficult. They made all Levels 10+ one unit of speed faster to try to achieve similar speeds in spite of the lower framerate. Unfortunately, this makes the game play much faster overall -- the game "ends" at Level 19 instead of NTSC's Level 29. (I was already going to say 343k was a fairly strong score, but PAL makes it that much better.) Any chance you can get a hold of a NTSC cart and console?
  4. Thanks! Yeah I only recently became aware of the difference between PAL and NTSC tetris. Looking at level 19 on PAL just shocked me but after going back over youtube videos it didn't seem to be nearly as fast on 19.

    After some reading I came across that difference, it's annoying slumming it in Aus with PAL but I was actually going to ask about that. If I were to disable the 4th pin (region lock) on the 10NES chip and only buy a NTSC cart, would that give me the lower framerate or will I need both NTSC cart and console?
  5. If you play the NTSC cart on PAL hardware, it'll just run slower than normal. Game logic is tied to the framerate, and PAL hardware is targeting a slower 50hz as opposed to NTSC's 60hz. You need to have both the NTSC software and hardware to play at the correct speed.
  6. Yeah fair enough. Though I did just realise that NES USB controllers are a thing, so I will just buy a controller and play an emulated NTSC version of Tetris
  7. Beware that many of those "USB NES Controllers" are actually cheap/poor reproductions. I got an SNES one that is absolute garbage. It doesn't have the "rocker" under the D-Pad that prevents only two directions from being engaged at a time, which makes it really hard to play Tetris. Diagonals are really sensitive, and you can accidentally press on all 4 directions at once if your hand slips. Make sure you read product reviews before buying!

    If you want to go the adapter route, I wrote a NES/SNES to USB program for the Teensy 2.0, which can send either USB Joystick or USB Keyboard events (it auto-detects the controller type when powered on).

    Teensy 2.0 NES/SNES to USB
  8. Also, it's worth noting that going the emulation route will likely stick you with some unavoidable input lag. It's not a lot, but it's enough to shift the timing on everything and make Level 19 a bit harder than it needs to be.
  9. 1.

    Well,when I was 3 years old,there is a megadrive in my grandpa's home,which had Sega Tetris(MD).But at that time I am interested in Sonic series on MD,I didn't care about Tetris.However,two years ago when I was out for business(English Study),I did't have sonic game with me.I just played a simple tetris on my mobile phone.To my surprise,I got an 999999!After that when I went home ,I search for informations about tetris game,knowing about awesome tetris game such as TGM series and Tetris Online(Poland).
    I played latter one for several months and I tried TGMs.I found them really hard for me,but the process of playing TGMs really enjoyable.So I start to play TGMs.Two years training didn't make me a great player.I think I need more practice.:D


    Mainly TGM series and their clones,such as texmaster,heboris u.e,nullpomino,etc.I play ARS only:)I'm not fit in with SRS in TGM3,especially in 20G,it's too unstable and complex.About clones,mainly texmaster and heboris u.e series,both of their ARS are wonderful.How much? Playing Tetris is a daily business,isn't it?:p


    Mainly STGs like daioujou, touhou project,and sonic series.


    Well,as a matter of fact,nothing other than tetris .:p


    I meet friends playing TGM,they recommend me to TC.So I came.
    ad time !
    If you want to know about Chinese gamers,please come here:
    Don't worry about language,just use English^^
  10. Welcome, AQ! :)

    You said your friends recommended you join -- are there many Chinese TGMers? Also, what would you say is your favorite STG? :D
  11. Not only TGMers,but also other tetris gamers there.:D
    Touhou series is my favorite.^^
    Well,I made a mistake,sonic series isn't STG. :p

    How about trying T-ex developed by farteryhr?:p Your former records were broke.May you win back your record!~~~~~~~~~
  12. Cool. :)

    Haha, thanks for the heads up about T-ex. :p I may try playing again soon. :D
  13. Ai


    Welcome, Genesis_R! Good luck becoming a better NES Tetris player and I hope you enjoy your stay at tetrisconcept. By the way the character in your avatar is Genesis reading the poem Loveless in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII . ^^
  14. Welcome, Genesis_R. :) Feel free to post any questions in the Strategy subforum -- we have many strong NES players here that I'm sure would be glad to answer!
  15. even though i have been here on the forums for a few months now i never did fill this out! here goes...

    1. Why did you start playing Tetris? Can you also please specify how long you have been playing and if you consider yourself a great player?
    i started playing because i lived in the country and didn't like being outdoors like my siblings. i also found tetris to be a stress release for me as a kid. i played tetris daily for hours as a kid when it came out on gameboy and NES. when i first started playing i only went for lines until someone told me tetrising was a thing. then i did that and never stopped. my high school high was 850k which i only recently surpassed for the first time since. i would not consider myself a great player since most of my attempts end in abject failure and it is difficult to hide my embarrassingly obvious incompetence. also i compare myself to jonas, alex, ben, etc, so i will always seem to suck by comparison. the one thing i am happy about though is getting my skills back so quickly after taking a fifteen year hiatus.

    2. What Tetris games do you play and how much do you play?
    i teach so i have summers off and as a consequence i have had the luxury of playing at least an hour a day for the last two months. sometimes i play more, but rarely less. i also play dr. mario, SNES dr mario and tetris, but i dont really play any other videos games on console or computer. 99% of my time is spent playing NES tetris.

    3. What other games besides Tetris (if any) keep you busy?
    i love playing basketball, futsal (its kinda like indoor soccer but faster and better), i used to play magic, not so much anymore. i enjoy talking shit about everything and everyone, feeling guilty for having done it, the trying to be nice to people to make up for my curmudgeonliness. :p

    4. Any other block/puzzle games you enjoy?
    beside the aforemntioned dr mario and SNES tetris, nope.

    5. How did you find out about tetrisconcept?
    the wonderful documentary ecstasy of order turned me on to the competitive tetris world which led me here after initial internet searches. i have made a lot of friends and even more acquaintances here, all of which i hope to develop more when the tetris championships in my hometown roll around. you guys are great, and indefatigably helpful.
  16. Hi!
    Old School player here. I played Tetris a lot in the Gameboy days, later quite a bit of Emacs Tetris and now it's mostly emulated NES.
    This forum seems like a great place!
  17. Welcome flow! May your namesake lead you to great results in the world of NES. :D
  18. Thanks for the kind welcome! We'll have to wait a while for great results, I'm not quite there yet ;)
  19. welcome... again. lets see some videos!
  20. Hello everyone, my name is Jonatan, I am 18 years old and I live in Sweden, just wanted to make a short introduction.

    1. Why did you start playing Tetris? Can you also please specify how long you have been playing and if you consider yourself a great player?

    Well I started to play Tetris because it is in my eyes the perfect game, there is nothing that beats it, I can sit for hours and hours and just play Tetris, there is no other game that has given me that same satisfaction.

    I remember playing some mobile Tetris version when I was young (5-6), but it was 2-3 years back when I found some flash version online that I started to play when I had time, played that for maybe 6 months on and off and then started to Google for some information about Tetris and see if I could find some other version of the game.

    Then I somehow came across Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters, saw that and got hooked, I emulated the NTSC NES Tetris to my computer because I do not own a NES-Console unfortunately, and I have been playing for 1 year when I have time off from school. I do not consider myself a great player, yet, but I aim to be!

    2. What Tetris games do you play and how much do you play?

    I now mainly play NES-Tetris because the documentary really inspired me and I wanted to see how close I could get to everyone in the movie, my best score so far is 647,786 starting on Level 18.

    3. What other games besides Tetris (if any) keep you busy?

    Before I started playing Tetris I played a lot of Counter-Strike 1.6, I have played about 2,000 hours of that over 5 years, I mainly played because my friends played and I wanted to beat them, the thing about that game for me was the competition, when that disappeared I moved to Tetris.

    4. Any other block/puzzle games you enjoy?

    Can't say I have played any other puzzle games other than Tetris, so no.

    5. How did you find out about tetrisconcept?

    I actually commented on one of Ben Mullen's videos on YouTube and he directed me to here, started to read some threads and decided I wanted to join in on the discussions so here I am.
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