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    This post = 300th reply :)

    Thanks for the information. By the time I realized the problem with the arcade stick, I returned it to amazon and got my money back. Now I'm stuck with keyboards again :D
  2. Ah, so it wasn't for PS3 use as well then? Maybe you can look into the 360 version then -- not that there is anything wrong with keyboarding. :)
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    I don't have a PS3, so I can't use the stick for other games xD. I definitely wanna try playing with a stick. The only problem is that the sticks are quite expensive.

    Also, I accidentally found TAP from "the abyss of Chinese internet" (paraphrased from TGM Guide on TC), and realized how cool it is to play in an arcade setting! If the Xbox360 version will work for Nullpo and emulator, then I will seriously consider buying it.

    By the way, are there any TAP machines in America?
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  4. Yeah, I use an Xbox 360 Street Fighter IV FSTE for playing on both the PC and the 360. It is easiest to get up and running on a Windows PC, but there are 3rd party drivers for Mac and Linux available as well.

    We currently know of one TAP machine at Planet Zero in Houston, TX. As I have recently purchased the game, there will also be one installed at the SJSU student union arcade in San Jose, CA some time in the coming weeks. I don't think we're aware of any others.
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    SYN7HOR Drama Queen

    Absolutely. Ever since getting addicted to MAME, I'm having trouble playing games that doesn't repeatedly blink "INSERT COIN". It's pretty satisfying pressing a button to insert coins, especially if you were born in the 70's.

    And imagine having multiple joysticks and 8000+ games to choose from...

    MAME changed my life. Pathetic but true.

    ps. It's better with the real hardware ofcourse, especially for TGM and shmups.
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    Why did I buy the stick for PS3? Thanks for the good news about the stick for xbox 360, though.

    All TAP machines are pretty far away from me unless I buy my own, which is not likely to happen in the near future yet xD.

    Arcade machines are fascinating. I'm not born in the 70's, and I actually rarely played on arcade machines with actual sticks (I play other things in the arcades), but I lived in places where there are quite a few arcades. It was an interesting experience.
  7. I know it's not TAP, but I do have a nice Japanese New Astro City arcade cabinet with TGM1 and TGM3 boards in Seattle. If you're ever in the area, shoot me a PM!
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    Hi KevinDDR, one of my western tetris heroes and the legend in TGM3! Having TGM and TGM3 is awesome. I've never played real TGM and I've only played real TGM3 once. If I ever have a chance to visit Seattle area, I look forwarding playing the games and watch you play :p The machine you have looks very very nice.
  9. Yo.

    It was about a year ago that I started falling in love with Tetris in a more-than-casual way, and I've been all over Heboris since. I'm entirely unsure of how good I am compared to others (latest video here) or even what I'm doing half the time; stuff just occurred to me naturally over time, and I'd say that's why I'm here. Looking to develop any kind of technique that isn't just putting everything where I will put it.
  10. After a piece locks, and before the next one comes out, you can hold down a rotate button and the piece will come out rotated. You can also hold down the hold button between pieces to hold the next piece before it comes out.

    I'd read this as well.

    It seems you already know about up/down to lock.

    Edit: You can also hold left or right in between pieces, so the next piece will come out autorepeating so you don't have to tap right or left over and over again for speed.
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  12. I'm not new here, but i didn't know that this was a introduction for everyone, so here's my answers

    1. Why did you start playing Tetris? Can you also please specify how long you have been playing and if you consider yourself a great player? ^^

    I will tell some important fact of my tetris life...

    My first tetris game wasn't Tetris for GB like for most of the tetris gamers, for me was Tetris & Dr. Mario for SNES, i was 6 year old so i don't think i was very good at tetris, but i liked it a lot, one of my favorite SNES games!
    My mom liked to play Dr. Mario and me, Tetris. I remember that i won almost everytime i played VS tetris with my mom, but my mom wasn't soooo good at Tetris (She, like, reached level 50 on Dr.Mario but can't seem to reach level 5 on Tetris)

    BUT...i wasn't aware of ARS or TGM games since i was 11 years old, when my uncle got an Modded XBox (not 360) with various emulators including NES, SNES, Genesis, GBA, Neo Geo, N64 and, most importantly, MAME! (that was my first encounter with MAME, since i didn't have a PC this age)
    Mame amazed me with his vast collection of arcade games! (I wasn't aware that playing roms was illegal, i was only an innocent child searching amusement, but if i didn't play the emulators, probably i would not be typing this now, and wouldn't know about TGM games too!)
    FUN FACT: We (me and my uncle) took some while to find out how to pass the "prees left then right" screen (I didn't know english at this age, neither my uncle, we're brazilian), and after many failed tries, as a desperate act, i pressed all the buttons and moved all the sticks randomly, and the game started.
    First i was woot?, but then i said aaaahh... (like "now i know it")
    And that was the first time pressing random buttons and moving random sticks fixed the problem!
    One day, while browsing mame's T section, i noted some tetris games there, and started to test them. The last one was "Tetris the Grand Master"!
    "Oooo, epic name! Let's play!"
    It was an early version of MAMEOX i was using so i was lucky it supported TGM!
    XBox didn't handle the game at full speed, but it was very enjoyable and i got rank S3.
    First things i noted:
    1 - the level meter was up by piece and not every 10 lines like i was used to
    2 - Rank system! I love rank systems!
    3 - Nice line clear effect!
    The gameplay accelerated with some time, it was harder and harder to place pieces in position, i wasn't used to so much speed!
    Sometime in the match, near Lv 500 the Gameplay slowed a bit, but suddenly, the pieces spawned at the top of the stack! "WTF!?!? what is happening, they're falling like iron pieces! OMG, they're fillng up the playfield, full of holes, jesus, no, NOOOO!!!!"
    After that it was game over for me, and this was my first taste of 20G...and of TGM!
    It was my favorite "XBox" game and favorite tetris game for a looong time, my record this time was S6, since my fingers weren't used to make fast motions that age. day...while i was browsing XBox hard drive with XBox Media Center, i suddenly deleted a MAME's important file and it didn't start anymore and i lost my favorite game...

    Later, when i was 13 my uncle came home with a PC with Internet connection. "OMG! a Computer! YAAAY!!!"

    When i was 15, i found Tetris Concept! (More info on how i found and my reactions on Question 5)

    TGM was long forgot when i was 15 (Mainly because of lack of playing) but while browsing TC i found something regarding Heboris UE . "What is this Herboris thing?" (I wasn't aware about Tetris clones that time.)
    I searched it on the wiki and found it was an Tetris clone, a game that mimics some tetris games gameplay. I read that it contains TGM clones on it. "TGM...i vaguely remember this. Maybe a download will refresh my memory!"
    But it wasn't so easy as it says. The entire pages were in JAPANESE! "Oh my...this will be dificult to say the least!"
    And after many fails, i used my last resort: google!
    I found a strange page regarding TGM games made by someone called "petitprince", and there i found Heboris UE mirrors! "Hooray!! thanks for the page "petitprince" guy!"
    It was somewhat hard to install but i managed to get through it well
    when i started it i thinked that it freezed, but, after a LONG loading time, the Heboris logo popped on the screen and i was good to go!
    Well, do you know the first thing i do when i play a new game? Go to the options.
    I didn't understand half of the options so i just adjusted what i knowed (screen size, key configuration, and some aestethic changes)
    The game restarted. Another LONG wait again, the screen doubled size. "Good, now i know what piece i will be putting!" Entered solo mode, and then i became amazed with the level of customization of the game, you can choose rotation system, mode, submode, and also some game-specific options, it was almost a DIY Tetris! "OMG! I want to try them all! So much options in so little time!"
    This was my favorite PC free game until i was 16.

    When i was 16, i realized that heboris weren't updated anymore, so i think i made a thread on TC regarding an Heboris remake. Many people said it was difficult, that Heboris source code was a "big ball of mud" (Uncommented and scrambled coding, i think), But someone called Caithness posted about nullpomino, that it was trying to redo Heboris from scratch "Well, if it have Customization, i'm in!"
    Since it didn't have a wiki page that time, nor a proper homepage, i searched the forums and found a topic called "Nullpomino". entered the topic, downloaded it, and started it.
    First things first, to the Options! "It have more than Heboris, should be good!"
    First thing noticed, Rule setting. Entered it "Whoa! what a bunch of options! more even than Heboris!"
    Well, i choosed "Standard" for the first time, changed the key setting, and went to play.
    "OMG, soooo much modes! i just love this type of game!" It was even more "DIY" than Heboris.
    Well, what i can say now, just went on with Nullpomino, followed the evolution of the project, the time it got a proper webpage, the 6.X saga, the Google Code page, the 7.X saga, and now he is becoming more popular on download sites (I saw a couple of sites linking to your google code page, for downloading 7.5, but they said it was LINUX ONLY! "It runs better on Windows than on linux! Come On!") and even on google suggestions! (When i type "nullpo" on google nullpomino is the second choice for me, followed by various nullpointerexception)
    FUN FACT 2:I had the old nullpomino page ( on my bookmarks, one day i clicked it and it went to an XXX site! "Lucky my mom isn't there!" just searched on the forums and found that the page changed!

    I've been playing Tetris since then. It completes 11 Years of Tetris Addiction, 6 of TGM Addiction, and far more years will go before i let Tetris out of my life!

    I don't consider me a master, but i'm not bad either, i can play very well depending on my condition (If i'm sleepy, sick, with bad mood, stressed or depressed, i just play plain bad!) but nothing amazing, just plain regular, i give myself 7.5/10
    FUN FACT 3: Long Before, i considered myself the king of tetris (At least king of the neighborhood) because everybody i challenged for a VS tetris, lost. it was like this until i found the "Arika Ivisible Tetris" on youtube. "OMG, he is not real, is too fast for humans, he is an alien, or a rob...WHAT!!! it is invisible, and he is stacking like it can see the playfield! Not possible, Unbelivable, to say the least!

    2. What Tetris games do you play and how much do you play?

    Nowadays i play mostly Nullpomino, Heboris for some nostalgia, and Tetris & Dr. Mario for more nostalgia!
    I also have an account on Tetris Friends, where i play occasionaly!
    Unfortunately, i don't own a TGM machine and it don't exists in my city arcades, and MAME is too much for my computer so, for now, i play Nullpomino Grade Mania modes.

    3. What other games besides Tetris (if any ^^) keep you busy?

    Tower Defense games are a go sometimes, also Mario games and Super Smash Bros. series make me happy!

    4. Any other block/puzzle games you enjoy?

    Puyo Puyo is one, Dr. Mario is other, Columns is another, Bombliss is yet another

    5. How did you find out about tetrisconcept?

    When i was 15, i learned that wikipedia is not the only wiki, there's other wikis floating around so i decided to search wikis of my favorite games!
    I think tetris was the 4th wiki i searched, and i ended up on the TC wiki!
    I browsed athe wiki for a while and learned various unknowed things for me such as T-Spins, Lock delay, Rotation systems, and so on... "What are rotation systems? Lock delay? this wiki is AWESOME!"
    After some minutes i noticed the wiki had a forum, and then i decided to register to the forum! And now, well, im here!

    Well, that pretty sums everything up, thanks for reading my quite long description!
  13. Cool story, thanks for sharing it! :D

    Some parts remind me a little bit of my discovery of TGM. I also found it when I was 12 or 13 years old (thanks to the "Tetris Japan Finals" Death mode video featuring NOV), but I couldn't get ZiNc running it full speed on my PC -- I didn't have a dedicated graphics card at the time. Although it was running a little slow, I thought the music and the ranking system were pretty cool. :) I didn't stick with it that long, so the best I could do at that time was grade 3 or 4.
  14. My turn. Living in Tokyo for 12 years, Tetris player for 2-3 years.

    I started playing Tetris 2-3 years ago, after having met accidentally a weird french guy who talked to me about Tetris The Grand Master. I didn't know a thing about the game, but when I saw for the 1st time the Arika Video (Ti), I was chocked and astonished. I decided then to download Tetris on my cellular phone... Few months later, I mastered the game on my phone, ans searched for new sensations, which I found with The Next Tetris on PS, game stupidly hard (or maybe I'm the stupid one), then Tetris on PS2 and PS3, games I mastered quickly, as a lot of people I guess.
    I remembered at that point TGM, did some researchs and found Mame 2 months ago. Beginning of the end :)
    By the way, the weird guy I met in Japan is known on this forum under the name of K :p.

    I am training with TAP (20G + Death) and trying to progress on TGM, but it's pretty hard with a lagging PS2 Gamepad :(. Maybe 30 minutes/day.
    I am playing with my wife on the PS3 version too, and had some billions hours of play on The Next Tetris (2 players mode, stuck on Lvl 11 for ages).

    Magic the Gathering. Vintage player. I guess I belong to the World pimpers Top 10.


    Google :)

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    Hi nicofromtokyo! Welcome!

    That is very interesting!

    I have been to Tokyo twice, and played Ti in an arcade once. I think it was before the time I started playing with an arcade layout, so I was owned by the Easy mode (rule: classic) :D

    TAP is not easy. So far, I only cleared the game once, and I cannot pass level 400 in Death. I make my keyboard setting as close as the layout on the real arcade panel, so when I play in an arcade again, I don't need too much adjustment! :p
  16. Hi!

    1. Why did you start playing Tetris? Can you also please specify how long you have been playing and if you consider yourself a great player? ^^

    Well I love video games that promote competition and fast thinking. It's like an addiction, if you will, I want to see my limits. I started playing at the end of Summer 2010 just before my prep school year, so I'm used to playing from time to time without overdoing it. I do not consider myself a great player, but I would like to push myself hard at the end of my competitive exams to be such.

    2. What Tetris games do you play and how much do you play?

    I play Heboris and sometimes Texmaster. I play a biased rule -- a mix of TGM3 TI (the TI-ARS mode) with the score system of Tetris DS -- when I'm playing Heboris (Besides, sometimes the game makes the block do a complete 180° when I just want an early rotation, how could I fix that?). I play about one hour a day, five times a week, nothing more.

    3. What other games besides Tetris (if any ^^) keep you busy?

    Well, this game doesn't keep me busy right now because I'm locked down in my room doing my maths but I like to play some fighting games like Super Smash Bros. Melee or Tatsunoko vs Capcom. I played the former a lot more, though.

    4. Any other block/puzzle games you enjoy?

    Nope =)

    5. How did you find out about tetrisconcept?

    Watching videos during summer I ended up on colourthief's youtube page where he talked about it.

    So here's everything. I hope I'm gonna have a good time with you guys!
  17. Welcome!

    Hm, that's very odd. I don't think I've run into that. Which version of Heboris are you using?

    Enjoy your stay! :D
  18. Hmm it reads Version 1.60 [2002/03/31]

    I kinda edited the file so I could hear TGM2 sounds while playing the game, but this really seems crazy. It's completely random from what I see, which is frustrating, especially when I'm at ~900 speed and I HAVE to make an early rotation... I feel like I'm gonna have a heart attack.

    Well thanks ^^
  19. Ah, the version number in the heboris.txt refers to the original version of the game by Hosiken. If you've got Ti-ARS and other such options, then it is going to be one of the Unofficial Expansions and should have some information on the title screen saying which one. More than likely you're playing C7V4, but there are some other versions floating around.
    Sorry for the confusion. :p
  20. 1. Why did you start playing Tetris? Can you also please specify how long you have been playing and if you consider yourself a great player? ^^

    Hi! I'm relatively new to tetris, I don't know much of the terminology, been playing for a few months and I'm HOOKED!

    2. What Tetris games do you play and how much do you play?

    I play tetris battle on facebook, I play almost everyday, gotten to rank 25!

    3. What other games besides Tetris (if any ^^) keep you busy?

    I love chess and other related board or card games e.g. chinese chess, connect four, connect five, mahjong (the real game, not the match-tile type), bridge, oh and I love old PC games like lode runner and Oregon trail.

    4. Any other block/puzzle games you enjoy?

    Rubix cube, not very good at it though. And a 4x4 toy that has 15 tiles with numbers (or a picture) that you can slide around.

    5. How did you find out about tetrisconcept?

    Got up to rank 25 on tetris battles, but couldn't go any higher. I wanted to learn how to t-spin (I tried emulating youtube videos but failed miserably, dropping my rank down to 17) so I am on a quest searching for tetris gods to give me a few pointers :p Ran into tetrisconcept on my search :)

    Is there a newbie thread somewhere here? Specifically on t-spins?

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