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Thread in 'Discussion' started by Ai, 30 May 2008.

  1. OH HAY! Another one. B)

    I think you'll fit in well. :biggrin:

    You live in France then? :V
  2. Welcome Octoaedre !
  3. is this for ARS?
  4. Hey everyone, I am Skane, a friend of Rosti LFC. I am in FL, USA, and I love tetris. I know nothing of the technical concepts of it, however I played tetris DS enough to make my speed and technique pretty decent. I am on and think this place is awesome :)

    Any tips for a nub?
  5. Muf


  6. I looked there, it looks like a troll post to me, no guide is there, lmao :p
  7. its the way to gmhood
  8. Muf


    What can I say, it worked for KevinDDR.
  9. hi. i am a new member. i have been on the old tetris concept but i didn't know it dissapeared untill a few months ago. so i registered at harddrop but i do not like it. so i was surprised just now to see a new tetris concept.
    So, i love everything Tetris but most of all TGM. I play this port on the DS that all of you probably know about (but no one talks about it which makes me a little sad). i clocked in at 249 hours 29 minutes and 48 secons (i just checked for you guys). So i hope i'll have a good time, i will behave nicely (because usually i don't). I hope that Arika will be less xenophobe and release TGM in the west on a console or PC (or i'll get rich and buy an arcade machine).
  10. Ai


    First of all welcome. You can get started by checking out the wiki and strategy section of the forum to get a taste of the basics. You can also use the forum search function for more indepth threads. For specific help just start a new thread and people will try to help as best as they can. I suppose you need help with the multiplayer part of the game?

    I remember having a few conversations with you on the former TC and HD (and if I'm not mistaken I think I saw you posting on gbatemp). Don't worry about behaving nicely. (I still remember the argument we had on HD last year.) ^^

    It's unlikely that we'll see an Arika Tetris game in the West any time soon. If you ask me it has nothing to do with Arika being xenophobic. Why would they want to restrict the release of the game to Japan only? TTC doesn't want the game released outside Japan so Arika does whatever it can to avoid needless trouble.

    So far I've played about 120 hours total on the TGM DS clone. Give the PC clones a try as well and participate in the competition section. You must be pretty good having played that much. Welcome again!
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  11. Hello.
  12. lol Kosuke play more
    Kosuke plays fighting games like street fighter 4 and blazblue, puyo, and was hooked on tgm after i showed him texmaster or something like that.
  13. Ai


    Welcome KosukeKGA. I know you from puyonexus. Have fun! ^^
  14. I got 277 hours clocked, and I'm not so good...

    Do any of you guys by chance play TF2? :awe:
  16. TF2 is rubbish, CS:S is where it's at :awe:

  17. [​IMG]
  18. 1. I started playing tetris when I was little.. maybe 5? My dad had a computer with tetris on it.. and my cousins lied to me by telling me I had to build pretty castles out of the blocks to win.. and every time I played.. I lost. =P

    2. Tetris Friends, Blockbox, TOJ, Nullpomino, Tetris DS, Tetris Party Deluxe, Blockles.. when it was alright

    3. I play Starcraft, WOW, and Halo whenever I'm at my friends' apartment

    4. Jigsaw puzzles I guess?

    5. Caithness (sn?) made a thread on harddrop about nullpomino and it led to tc.. also clincher told me it was better than hd.
  19. Ai


    Sound like a fun challenge!

    I knew I saw your avatar somewhere else before. Welcome and enjoy your stay. ^^ Do you have the same username on HD? I assume you're pretty good at 40 lines and multiplayer? Maybe you can share more about your Tetris achievements so far?

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