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  1. Muf


    2019 goals:
    - be in a stable relationship
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  2. Jii


    -breaking Ti 500 torikan
    -TAP master GM
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  3. Oh, thanks for the info!
  4. Hey now, you can have both!
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  5. - attending and organizing some events
    - Doubles clear with HCT sub 5min
    - TAP Master clear sub 9:45
    - TAP Death 5 Games 2000 levels
    - and as I got now a Pal NES machine I add 350k in Classic Tetris :)
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  6. Year end goal #2 is history! I just need a doubling of less lines...and I've potentially got my max out.

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  7. Goals (on NES):
    • Score 700k in 2018
    • Reach 350k lvl 19 start (got around 250k twice and some other 200k games)
    • Maxout in 2019
    Others :
    • Buy a Game boy +Tetris
    • Score 600k on it
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  8. My New Years goal is to get more comfortable with 20g play so that I can make it through the 300-500 level wall in TI. Hoping to improve enough to up my qualified rank into the low digits.
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  9. Personal Goals:
    -Level 29


    -Death M

    -pretty much gm as a long term goal
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