The End of Prohibition

Thread in 'Discussion' started by Kitaru, 6 Dec 2010.

  1. It is for poor-ass college students like me :3

    I don't even have $1000, lol.
  2. TGM1 is more like $80
  3. Maybe I should start a new thread for this debate, but since it's being mentioned here, I really don't understand the value people place on things. It's one thing if you're a student and don't have an income....but if you have an income...and use your income to buy things like: an HD TV, new PC, Xbox360, Wii, then there's no reason not to buy a game like TGM. People plop between 500-1000 dollars on an hdtv all the time, and justify it by thinking that it's a one time purchase and they will get 1000s of hours of use. Well, how is tetris any different? If you are serious about the game, you will probably spend 1000's of hours with it as well. How is that not the best bargain of your life? I've gotten more play out of 2 arcade games (TAP and Driller G) than I have out of all my consoles combined. And my consoles cost WAY more put together.

    Let's see, spend 50 bucks on a game you will beat in 20 hours, or spend 500 on a game you will spend YEARS with on a daily basis (most likely). Let's not forget that when you get bored of the game, you can sell it for close to what you paid (assuming you bought the game used).

    The reality is, as soon as you can do something comparable for free, the value people place in these things diminish greatly. CT is not rich, nor is any random joe shmo that buys a new tv or an xbox360, nor am I. We're just sensible about the value we assign things that mean something to us that we know we will enjoy for YEARS.

    I'd like to end this long post with something poignant and thoughtful...lag sucks ass! Long live real hardware!
  4. Muf


    ^ What he said...

    The only thing I can think of to add is: amen bruthah :D
  5. I like how the thread about ending the clone ban turned into a discussion about how real arcade hardware is better.
  6. orz


    fun and personal improvement are two things in real life
  7. Depends how you look at it. Many people, including myself, have fun by getting closer to their personal goal.
  8. orz


    so getting to your personal goal does not entail personal improvement or what??? idk what youre trying to tell me here
  9. ...

    I don't know how you managed to puzzle that one.

    If I have to say it more simply...: "Personal improvement is fun"

    Thought you would have been able to interchange "goal" and "improvement" for yourself.
  10. I would totally buy TGM hardware if I had a reasonable amount of money to draw from, but that's not likely to happen until I presumably get out of grad school...

    Also, about it being $80, I don't have the time or patience to build a Supergun to use it with. I also don't have a TV to use it with here at school, so it would be mostly useless...
  11. hey, that's why I said "for some people" :biggrin:
  12. I remember totalling up the amount of PS2 games I've acquired over the years, and it definitely adds up to more than buying a TypeX and Ti if you include the console.
  13. Muf


    TGM1... Now for 60bux.
  14. EDIT: On second thought, I might buy it anyway :3
  15. how you gonna get it? i thought that japan isn't shipping stuff over a pound to america anymore. is there a proxy service that is part of the trusted shipping friends network or something?
  16. Ai


    The ban was lifted almost 2 weeks ago. The only inconvience may be that packages could slightly be delayed due to additional TSA security screening measures.
  17. i don't think it matters; you can't order stuff off YAJ if you're out of the country
  18. ...proxy bidding.

    Why is this thread still going?
  19. Why shouldn't it go just as long as the last one to get stickied?

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