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  1. The whole "that's nice but you'll never be good as teh japanese" thing pisses me off. I don't give a damn about one day surpassing jin8 or Kan, that takes more dedication and patience than I'm capable of. I just wanna improve myself and meet personal goals.
  2. Scala compiles to Java bytecode and runs in the JVM, but it's not Java.

    It is, however, pretty damn bloated just like Java is :p
  3. Tetris people are funny.
  4. orz


    get a load of this guys weve got a funhaver here
  5. Muf


    I play TGM for fun, and I buy the games because I'm a fan and I've grown to be a bit of an arcade nerd over time, and because less frustration over input lag = more fun. Also, it's fun to hack up arcade sticks, solder up superguns and wire up JAMMA thingamabobs. It's also fun to show someone a big green PCB and be like "this is a Tetris game".
  6. Me too, my current goal is sub-10 min on tgm1 and I really don't enjoy playing on an emulator with a couple of frames of lag anymore.
    and my personnal goal is to reach the top japanese players level btw, so I really can't see the difference with you...
  7. K


    I agree with Steve here : i initialy bough the original game for several reasons :

    1. By respect for the initial company releasing the game. I emphasize about ARIKA and not Mihara. A game development is a team work, the game designer/producter taking credit for everything..
    2. Clone are approximation implementation and emulation have unremovable and sensitive lag. Despite all the works made so far on mame, the difference still slap my face (with a large trout) each time i switch between mame up to date optimised version and PCB.
    3. Nothing is better than getting ultimates rewards on real Game (and unfortunately Hardware). Not saying that playing clone mean nothing. I might be good, but some top players are better only using clone but they can't afford originals. They would probably rock with the real system on hands.
    The first time i saw a TAP demonstration, i was very excited and motivated about the featured game design mechanics and GM challenge. i don't feel the same about TGM3, But TGM Series is not about who will be the first even if it can motivate you in lot of way.

    Sadly recently, we just see sterile witch hunting started from an even non hypothetical release of the game. As a win32 game, TGM3 cloning/hacking game is pragmaticaly more of our concern, and surely it haven't reached is peak popularity amongst this falling appart community.
  8. You're not about to open Pandora's box here?
  9. Ray's personal goals are self-improvement.
    Your personal goals include self-improvement AND reaching "top japanese player level".


    You play for competition. Ray does not. (And neither do I.)
  10. Self improvement is competing with yourself. I'm not sure I get you. Would you want to hold yourself back by 15 seconds because you're playing a lagged out version of the game? If you push yourself to improve and then realize that you can cut 15 seconds off your time by playing the real game, would you really want to play the laggy version?
  11. You know what, I give up. I quit. Forget I ever said anything or posted anything on this forum.
  12. I'd go "ah forget this crap i'm gonna blow off some steam" but the way I blow off steam is by playing Death mode. ...
  13. Well, not exactly, if there is competition that is around my level I'll accept it. But trying to rise up to WR-class players? A futile goal that I'm better off not worrying about.
  14. I think what they mean is "Sure, I can cut 15 seconds by playing on the real software, but that's not worth spending a large sum of money to do/I don't really care that much."

    While I would potentially care, I also don't want to blow all my money on Tetris.
  15. No worries, I've got this one covered.

    Move to California; reap the benefits.
  16. you might want to know that 700 euros for an astro city + 600 euros for a tgm2 pcb isn't that much money for some people.
    as for mame, it's more the lag itself that makes me feel very uncomfortable with it than the "15 seconds slower thingy"; if you can play with the most precise stuff, never experiencing a "fuck !!! I pressed the goddam button" or "grrrrrr, fucking I why didn't you fucking DAS enougg", why will you force yourself ?
    but again, I'm a bit of a stupid perfectionnist that get bored for one or two frames of lag and I understand many people just don't care about it (as I didn't for years but now I really can't anymore just Enjoy playing the unreal shit)
  17. orz


    yeah idk how people can deal w/ even the smallest bit of lag. i literally am incapable of playing on default usb rate
  18. My TGM1 record was set when I had very little lag. Since then I haven't even been able to come within 5 seconds due to lag. It's frustrating, I know I can do better. But you know, it's really only a game and rising up in the leaderboards wins nothing more in real life. Play for fun, for personal improvement.
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    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    It's Ti that's the expensive one. TGM2 (and tgm1) are much more affordable.
  20. Ti shouldn't set you back more than $1000. I think the best bet is to buy the cheap Type X motherboard and then wait for a drive+dongle kit to show up on YAJ.

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