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  1. We discussed it in IRC and I kind of see where people are coming from on that, but it just seems odd. I think it has some input lag for sure, but four full fucking frames...?
  2. Supposedly, it's the difference between being able to control 8 frame DAS and 4 frame DAS. So yes.
  3. Oh, so I should be able to control 2 or 3 frame DAS and be faster than Maserati or Apocalypse in Swing. Thanks for the heads-up! :B
  4. So says myndzi :3 Remember that BB is pretty laggy, so it makes sense. They could probably withstand 4 frames easy without input lag. I'm not sure what their exact DAS settings are, but they can't be out of the neighborhood of 6/0 or something like that...

    That said, we could probably figure out what BB's lag is like too, for comparison.
  5. ...they play 4/0.

    Also don't forget that Blockbox values are frames and Nullpo values are frames+1 (i.e. Nullpo DAS 0 = 1 frame).
  6. The only lag that has ever been significant on nullpo is on multiplayer when I disconnect, or when my frames go down and my time ends up being really low.

    I have never experienced problems with inputs. Misdrops on nullpo are actually my fault.

    Anyway Mihara is an idiot, you can't stop clones. The reason we make clones is because we can do a better job than the people who create the original games. They are just pissed because they want money, yet we do it for free ~ no one gets paid.

    Nullpomino is very well made. To say that we should get rid of nullpo so that TGM can happen is really stupid. Who cares about this STUPID TGM4 BULL SHIP. We can make our OWN TGM4 BULL SHIP-like game. We don't need this niga mihara to release it to us.
  7. lol


    No worries, I know it's just because you're just used to the mediocre garbage that gets released over here.

    I agree that cloning is already too widespread for it to just up and disappear, whether we want them to or not. We can (and have) done is say we will refrain from cloning elements from Tetris Grand Master 4. There is a reason no one has cloned Konoha or any of the elements reported from the location tests, and it isn't for absence of interest or lack of ability to implement. It'd be a huge spit in the face to immediately begin work on cloning the game right as the game drops -- let alone before it is even released.

    Ideally old clone material that is already widespread could be Grandfathered in and fan game authors would agree not to clone new material. I think it would strike up the right balance. As we've already demonstrated, restricting the presence of pre-existing clone material is a bit of a futile effort. However, I really don't think it is too much to ask of authors to abstain from replicating brand new material.
  8. I defiantly agree with that first sentence. No doubt NullpoMino is a great and successful clone, thanks to all the work everyone has done to it. I don't think we can make a game nearly as good as Arika does, however. They are the "original", they are tested, polished, graphically advanced, and balanced 10 times over. Though I personally think we can come close, nobody will spend the time working without pay to make a game *that* polished. It's a ton of hard work, considering how hard it is to make a clone already in the first place. Though it seems you are against Mihara, let's not forget that it was his genius idea to bring TGM to our planet. I'm sure he would have loved to bring TGM to the west, but ironically enough, he made enimies here first before he made friends.
  9. This is why we can't have nice things. This is probably the most ignorant and ridiculous post I have ever seen on this forum. Congratulations.
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    I'd say you're very narrowminded.
    Businessmodels are changing. Thanks to the internet, anyone can be creative and spread their work. Some people (you?) think the only reason people create is to make money. This is ofcourse not true.

    I've written games and demos, and nowadays I make music. I hold a regular job and rarely gets paid for my music. WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT? I have fun making music ffs. Real artists create no matter what.

    The old days, where someone would be financially set for life, just for making a hit, are gone. Thank God.
    The old days, where you could only play games in the arcades, are gone. Except for Tetris....

    I say we need to make a new "Official TC clone";
    1: No goddamn Java or other slow languages. Assembly, C/C++, or whatever real devs are using these days should be used.
    2: Proper DirectX support.
    3. Less modes, more accuracy.
    4: A nice site for guides, leaderboards, recordings etc. The Swedish pirate party would gladly host it, given TTC threatens us. PP could also provide servers for multiplayer.

    I don't see the problem here. A TGM game should be VERY easy to code. I have asked some friends IRL, but they're too busy with work. We could ask someone from Gamedev or Gamasutra perhaps. GFX and SFX is no problem ofcourse.

    Maybe Nullpo will get there, but it feels very bloated now. Maybe they need to make a "lite" version?
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  13. Uh.... you have no idea!
  14. uhm...i don't even know where to start. this applies to post the last few posts, AND the rest of the thread.

    i'll say something that doesn't matter:
    A Tetris Attack clone is probably much harder to program than a Tetris clone.
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  16. yeah, there's more than one actually. though i'm not sure how accurate any of them are. it's very, very difficult to cover all of the edge cases correctly.
  17. You will, once played TGM every day for four years just to beat the japanese top players' times.
  18. Coding in Java except for class (HI, SAN JOSE STATE) should be a felony.
  19. Well, they do use Scala at Twitter (and Scala is more or less Java, as far as I know).
  20. Ahh, see, that's where I'm different yet again. I've said many times over (on the IRC) that I play Tetris for fun. Even if buying this arcade would make the difference between 2nd place and 1st place, I still would not buy it for this reason. I would buy it because I enjoy playing the game.

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