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    yeah i am talking about ACE. can you get sega colors in it? i know i asked someone a few weeks ago but i forgot and the wiki doesn't mention.
  2. I thought that was more a matter of Microsoft rushing them to get it out as a release title.
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    welp i ended up finding the answer on the wiki.

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    There is no technical reason Arika couldn't have put in REAL ARS.

    instead they were forced to put in a very neutered version using move reset and wrong colors.

    I'm pretty sure that was TTC's fault.
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    Nothing like waking up to a flamewar, especially one instigated by Papa Smurf. Sad times.
    *thinks back to 2008 when we could all get along*
  6. Muf


    Nothing like waking up to a flamewar, especially one instigated by Papa Smurf. Sad times.
    *thinks back to 2008 when we could all get along*
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    Finally, I can log in again! :)

    Mihara is mentally disturbed. It SHOULD be very satisfying for him to see people copying his ideas, to be first with a working concept. But noooo... And ridding the world of Tetris games is obviously impossible. It's usually the first game a buddying coder attempts. There are like 50 FREE Tetris clones on Android market alone. So there are bound to be lots of TGM clones aswell.

    I see how clones in fact ARE a problem, as they only release TGM for arcade. It's part of the problems with arcade as a whole - who goes to the arcade when you can play at home? Clones would not be a problem if they release TGM4 for any of the major platforms. But then there's the licensing thing.

    We just need better clones now... I don't want to piss on anyones effort, but I think Nullpo feels pretty laggy. I couldn't get it work better than TAP through MAME.
  8. Nullpo is known to have something like three or four frames of input lag on the Slick and SDL versions. Swing, however, is really responsive for some silly unknown reason.
  9. I also believe we do way better than Nullpo :)

    Not GMO either.
  10. What is this I don't even.

    There is absolutely no way I played through four frames of input lag and got a 35.6x 40 Lines time through four frames of input lag without noticing.
  11. aaaaaaaaaaaaaand this is why i love classic tetris, lol.

    Its a weee bit exciting to see such dramatic stuff occuring in tetris, STILL... One can recall the lawsuits and licence disagreements of the early days, the inventor not getting his due. The game, an early guinea pig for russian pereostrika...

    The whole issue seems so silly, americans use clones because TGM wont release in america... Tmg wont release in america because America uses clones... Its almost like McDonalds demanding people stop making hamburgers at home before they are willing to build a store... America has a HUGE market for video games in general and tetris specifically. If they would just release the darn thing, pair it with an organized competition (which would make yall to busy training to win such a competition to play clones) society at large would be to lazy to take the time to find and play clones hell everyone would play it!

    A TGM4 release would thrive and profit with or without the existence of clones, I assume they are still running a business?

    p.s. I love how mihara refers to it as the clones wars, is it an intentional star wars reference?
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  13. Well, so far, the people I know that play TGM (outside the forum), including me, followed this path:
    1: video on youtube. WTF ??? OMG !!! I needz to play that game !
    2: emulation boards "hey, do you know if that awesome game is emulated ???"
    3: "yeah, download that version of mame and just play it"
    4: "damn, two frames of lag, that makes me loose 15 seconds on the whole TGM1 avoiding me to get sub-10 min Gm rank. Hum, I think I should try and buy the original shit"

    I heard about clones like 3 years after starting playing the TGM series and have actually started to use clones like 5 years after starting playing the TGM series...
  14. really... forgive my ignorance as im an outsider to "new tetris"... i thought they didnt release such games here and gave clones as a pretext..

    as i am too lazy to read the fully backstory carefully i guess that the end of it for me lol
  15. You're not incorrect here. It's just that them giving clones as a pretext doesn't mean it's the actual reason.

    TGM-ACE only got released in Japan, and that was released in 2005 - long before TC had any meaningful existence as a community, let alone before TGM clones appeared in the west.

    TGM isn't released over here because the licence will cost a fortune and there's a fairly decent chance it wouldn't be that popular anyway.
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    What he said.

    Mihara simply cannot afford to release what will most likely be an unprofitable game worldwide.

    I have a sneaking (though possibly unfounded) suspicion that because his ideals don't match the Guideline that TTC has inflated the price of a license more than usual for them.
  17. It's too bad, really. Most people will look at TGM4 and think "lol just tetris, i'll just play this on mah phone / PC / TI-83, there's no difference"

    The few people who HAVE heard of TGM will likely instead go "yeah this shit is impressive to watch but OH GOD I'D RATHER PLAY CASTLEVANIA 1"
  18. Wrong. I played my record (33.9B) on the Sunlab computers, which have enough input lag to make it impossible to play Speed Mania 2. Input lag doesn't actually matter in 40 lines as long as you don't screw up because there are no delays you have to time for.

    This is also why I've pretty much been exclusively playing 40 lines since I got here. I'd rather play more TGM, but it's just not possible on this laptop, which adds even more input lag on top of the stuff I already have.

    Also, if it didn't have that much, then according to myndzi's data the Swing version would be playing ahead of you. This is obviously not the case.
  19. Well, I will admit, many people do learn about this game from the famous Arika videos. There are problems to this however, that being the fact that there are a very few amount of official Arika TGM videos out there, despite it's popularity. As you read later in my previous post, a good idea would to spread more official videos (don't get me wrong however, there are many videos on youtube).

    The problem is (excluding the rare exception): People don't watch one video and decide to buy an arcade system with this game on it; and from the legal standpoint, emulating a game is illegal unless you have the arcade and the arcade game you bought yourself.

    That, and the fact not too many people will go through the trouble to download 1 game and figure out a lagged emulator. The hints and tricks to getting an emulator to work at a playable speed are hidden somewhere in the tetrisconcept forums, and are not widely known; I see the same questions over and over again on the IRC about emulation. Seeing as people here wouldn't understand this (as we are a "clan" of die-hard Tetris fans), the average person wouldn't go out of their way to get this to work. That, and the average person would not go out of their way to find the answers; this includes myself, as I have been playing Texmaster for quite a few months before I even joined tetrisconcept.

    Clones get rid of many problems...:
    - They are legal.
    - They bring an "easier" way to play TGM outside Japan.
    - They usually don't have lag to them, as this is be a big deal to some for understandable reasons.
    - They are packaged and ready to hand out to people.

    I'm not sure where you are coming from, or if the comment was a sarcastic one (yes, I'm a stupid one), but I sure would not go out of my way due to a small 15 seconds difference in a game. If you're telling me that you'd rather buy the game over this issue, instead of research and find alternative methods, well, this is your prerogative.

    I am simply saying these clone developers have worked on their project for years, and have offered the majority of tetris players everywhere a more easier and better way to play a game. As I have also said before, I understand the kind of predicament Mihara is in, and how cruel the buisness world can be. I would loose some inspiration as well if somebody made a free and more easily obtainable version of a game I created. However, these clones are also somebody's blood, sweat and time, and all I want is that respect for them, as I have respect for Mihara for his amazing creation. I don't want to hear how these people need to "grow up" when they have only tried to provide an opportunity the average tetris-fan in the way they knew how to best.

    As I see it...:
    Half the people hate Mihara, and the other half hate clone developers. The irony is both sides have a mutual respect for each other for more than one reason, which is said in the previous post. It's all a blaming game, and it always has been. Maybe that's why I'm different here, because I blame neither, because both sides have done something truly amazing for the world of Tetris, and as KevinDDR said previously, do you need recognition to know you did the right thing?

    Anyone has their right to give opinions on anything they want, and I respect that. The thing I don't respect is when you go around bashing my friends because of something they had thought was right. And again, from a legal standpoint, they have done nothing wrong.
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  20. Kitaru: if most of your 40 lines speed (or slowness I guess) is taken up by thinking time, then really input lag won't make as massive a difference once you've accommodated it into your playing style.

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