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  1. 654 in 4:17:76 is the best I could muster. Unfortunately can't play any more this week as I'm going on a trip :(
  2. @TWF You fought the good fight. I enjoyed the stream ;)
  3. Know that feel man, I'm out from Friday to Monday myself :(

    Death Toll is updated - good progress guys! Leaderboard I'll get around to in a couple of hours on my lunch break, assuming that I can jig Google docs to do the grunt work for me.
  4. As a total TGM noob I really want to get above 300, but unfortunately I'm going to be gone from Saturday.
    As of so far, my best yesterday was 218
  5. Oh god, everyone leaving during thia year's carnival D:
  6. 6:15:46
    Probably the best I can do for this Carnival. Returning home on 2nd April...
    Torikan ~ 3:11
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  7. substantial improvement of my PB: 248@02:42:75

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  8. New PB !
    EDIT : New PBĀ² !
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  9. Muf


    This will have to do until I get my PCB hooked up tonight:

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  10. rofl, I looked on the left side at first.
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  11. Muf


    P1 side on MAME is joystick/arrows, P2 side is WASD. :p
  12. Leaderboard is up!

    Death Toll is calculated from the same spreadsheet data that's generating the leaderboard, so in theory should be easy for people to point out if their score has been missed out and isn't included in the toll.

    Caithness I've deliberately skipped yours at the moment based on what you said and the assumption you'll do better some point this week :p
  13. Well... just a newcomer to this mode posting. My PB is 120 @ 1:25:56

    Edit 3/25/2015 @ 9:02PM UTC: PB 138 @ 1:41:38
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  14. COL


    I've got extreme trouble reaching 999 today... Not my day definitely D:

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  15. I've also played a bit of Death today:
    My PB: Level 148 after 1:41:56
  16. Well, after a shit ton of disappointing throwaway games, I beat my PB from last night:
    399 @ 3:18.68
    Really lucky game. I seriously doubt i'll be beating this any time soon.

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  17. In that case I got a 500 at 3:37.00 after midnight.

    ...I may not be as close to M as I thought.
  18. Bad session for me.

    Only 407@2:55.01
  19. I'm currently out on a trip as well, but thought I'd at least go and get an M rank to add to the toll. I'll be back to catch the tail end of the festival. Here's my contribution, level 537 @ 3:35.21 on nullpo.

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