The Carnival of Death (planning for March 25th)

Thread in 'Discussion' started by colour_thief, 11 Mar 2008.

  1. So in Japan, when TAP was the latest TGM installment, players would meet up for a "celebration of death mode". These gatherings, wholly unofficial, were simply a way assemble enough players together to have a vs death mode tournament, to share strategies, or even to just simply observe famous players in action. Awesomely enough, when machine translated, "celebration of death mode" turned into carnival of death. Hardcore. [​IMG]

    I'm looking to try and organize a carnival of death on the March 25th, or 3/25 by the American calnedar. The so called "torikan date". Activities could include:
    • A death mode VS tournament. The lag is almost unbearable, but it should be fun.
    • A death mode records thread restricted to that day. As long as you don't go to sleep, you can still try keep trying to improve your record of the day.
    • A lot of discussion about death mode strategy.
    • Probably lots of doubles play while we've all got online TAP set up.
    Do these sound like fun things? Items on or off for the tournament? If you're interested, vote in the thread's poll. Feel free to comment on any of my suggested activities, and of course share ideas of your own. There's no way this will be as awesome as the original carnivals of death, but I'm sure we can still have lots of fun.
  2. K


    so peoples have to explain how to use kaillera with TAP cause as far i remember, using kaillera was a pain (at least for fighting games) [​IMG]

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Don't worry jago, it won't be very difficult with a little assistance.

    And I vote no items for the tournament simply because my head will explode from the deathly combination of the lag and the craziness!
  4. Hmmm, it's a bit tough on a weekday...

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Yeah, that's true. Torikan reference or not, I'd care less if it meant the event could be set on a day where the most people can participate. Maybe have a poll for the date.
  6. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Ok, I agree to definitely learn to use Kailera..Because I never used it..

    And it is ok only if the europeen ping allows to play in good conditions..This last point is less sure..

  7. Well, I was thinking that we could start things off on 3/25, perhaps even open a temporary subforum for it. There would be a surge of discussion about it, but we could, say, keep the subforum open for about a week for the festivities before closing it and merging all the topics with the normal forum. So it wouldn't all be crammed into a Tuesday after work. [​IMG]
  8. Awww, I won't be able to participate to that event. I'm off the whole week, trying to do the best I can in the finals of this year's Swiss Biology Olympiads.
  9. [​IMG] at the poll.
  10. maybe maybe maybe maybe i will play. ...we should just make the carnival a monthly occurrence [​IMG]

    oh man, what would a smooth tgm multiplayer game do to the TC community?

    We would all be unemployed in a week, homeless in a month. The effects of posting the game on 2ch would be disastrous. 10,000 people fired in a week... homeless in a month...Japan's economy would be ruined.
  11. Lag on Kaillera is usually not that bad when playing someone at least on the same continent. It's Digital and colour_thief that will have problems, as they're a bit further away.

    Mame++ has three frames of input lag anyway.

    And Digital, Death + Items + Lag = Awesomeness [​IMG]
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Just a reminder that this is still going ahead. 24 hours to go! Unless people have objections this is what I'm planning:

    A temporary subforum will open on March 25th for the carnival's activities. It will remain open for 1 week. During this period there will be:

    • A death mode VS tournament.
    • A new death mode records thread for the duration of the carnival. See if you can shame someone ahead of you on the main scoreboard by beating their weekly best!
    • A lot of discussion about death mode strategy. People of all skill levels will be encouraged to ask questions or for advice or opinions.

    The only thing I'm not sure about is the format of the tournament. Round robin? Elimination? If nobody has any strong objections, it'll probably be a relaxed round robin where we try to but don't actually strictly have to play every other opponent. And then the 2 or 4 players with the most wins could play each other. (Obviously this would happen over the week... not just tuesday after school/work/whatever. [​IMG])
  14. Amnesia

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    Dead for me.. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    To much work the whole day..
  15. Read it again: it is 1 week starting on March 25th.
  16. Altimor

    Altimor a.k.a. Ghett0

    The thing that's really troubling me here, is that items would sway the whole thing. If I got a laser right before s/he Tetrises me beyond the tetrion, s/he could get pieces stuck in that laser and end up dying. It's not a game of skill and strategy right then, but a game of luck.
  17. Not sure what you're actually talking about in the example, but I don't think it matters.

    Items do not put that much luck into it. The better players will get items more often, and will cope better when receiving them as well.

    Obviously they do add a slight element of luck, but I think the lag alone does that, and it is unavoidable.
  18. I'm in, however I would have liked if it was a little later (in April, May, etc), and possibly on a weekend. Sounds fun!
  19. Zaphod77

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    Items are not used in serious play. item matches are for fun. this is because the difficulties of handling them are all OVER the place.

    Getting something like transform piece, or no rotate can seriously ruin your day regardless of skill, while others can be handled pretty easily.
  20. Half of me agrees and half of me doesn't, but items or not, there is still...


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