Tournament: The 1st Annual Texathlon: Normal Mode

Thread in 'Competition' started by Linepiece777, 12 Nov 2011.


What gamemode should replace Sudden Ti(Infinite Survival)?

Poll closed 15 Nov 2011.
  1. Novice

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  2. Normal

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  3. Advance

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  4. Special

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  5. Sudden

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  6. Special Ti

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  7. Sudden Ti

    4 vote(s)
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  1. Ai


    Thanks! If only I could stack more consistently for tetrises at that speed. I'm working on it. ^^ Sure the sum is what counts, but if you manage to clear only tetrises the whole time you can bring down the line clear animations to about 70. On the other hand if you only clear singles you'll need about 280 line clears. So it's important to avoid singles because they easily add to the time wasted on line animations.

    To upload screenshots click on the Go Advanced button under the Quick Reply box, then Additional Options will appear under the Reply to Thread box. Go to the Attach Files section, choose Manage Attachments and upload the pictures or files. Make sure the filetype is supported. It's easier to upload to image hosting sites or some other service and then use the links on the forum.

    Texmaster Tetris Texathlon

    Introduction (some updates have been made in the event threads; most notably that there are now 3 days for each event instead of 2)
    Event List (click the links at the bottom of the page to view the scoring methodology for each event)
    Participant List (not sure whether signing up is still possible but I hope people can still participate)
    Texathlon Leaderboard (the different leaderboards, but not up-to-date yet)

    Basically you need to excessively rotate the pieces like Kitaru pointed out. No more than 4 rotations per piece are counted. It would seem it's a useless/meaningless medal that's been added for fun. A few top players usually get the medal because they use the extra rotations for timing purposes. ^^
  2. K


    It's just a pointless medal.
  3. Wow, I suck at updating this. Remember kids, never, ever, EVER, give someone running a tournament a Flipnote Hatena account and Modern Warfare 3. Seriously, I'm ready to start literally cursing for not updating.:facepalm:
    The scores will be posted in the next post.
    P.S. You have all decided to make the last event Sudden Ti. In the next event thread, you will all decide what scoring style to make it.
  4. clincher gets 315 points.
    billtsar(finally I spelled the name right!) gets 384 points.
    COL gets 427 points(I think).
    LadyLily scores 128 points.
    Kasumi scores 67 points.
    More and updated scores in the next post.
  5. Kasumi went up to 214 points.
    LadyLily went up to 254 points.
    K gets 489 points.
    And I will eventually update the leaderboards. Hopefully soon. The event has now ended. The next event starts in 3 days.

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