Tournament: The 1st Annual Texathlon: Normal Mode

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What gamemode should replace Sudden Ti(Infinite Survival)?

Poll closed 15 Nov 2011.
  1. Novice

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  2. Normal

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  3. Advance

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  4. Special

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  5. Sudden

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  6. Special Ti

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  7. Sudden Ti

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  1. *insert long line of cursing for not updating*
    Sorry for being a week late.
    Now, while I explain the rules for this, give me some epic Sonic The Hedgehog music, okay?
    *cue Open Your Heart from Sonic Adventure 1*

    Score as many points as possible and earn bonus points for time by getting GM grade!

    1 point for every 1000 in-game points
    If GM grade, 20 points for every 15 seconds before 13:30

    You must use Classic Rule, and you must start at Level 0.

    P.S. I opened a poll on this thread. What gamemode should replace Sudden Ti(Infinite Survival)?

    "Can't hold on much longer, but I will never let go..."
  2. [​IMG]
    I might not be able to submit another score (busy weekend)
  3. We have 3 days again? Would be helpful in the future if you specify due dates.
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. COL



    It is also my best time :)
    IMHO the reward for speed is to big, it makes it more interesting to push for speed than for score.
  6. Hi, guys, how are you?
    Believe it or not but this is the first time that I get GM at Normal Mode... (I almost never play it... xD Hahaha)


    I hope I can do it again but faster :)


    EDIT: better time record.
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  7. Ai


    Great times everyone and congratulations with your first TGM Gms nahucirujano! Those are very nice times!


    I'm not able to stack for tetrises when time attacking. I know it's a shameful amount of tetrises, but at least the score and time are respectable I guess. I will try for a higher score in TGM later this week (this time for real...). I'll update the Normal mode leaderboard and the other competition threads later. ^^
  8. No Ai, your time is not respectable. You are too slow.
    How the hell can you get that time with 48-45-18-23? I guess I'm the person with the slowest lock here. :rolleyes:
  9. COL


    nope, he makes 48+45+18+23 =134 clear animations whereas you made (eg on your last screenshot) 54+29+12+34=129 ones, so you save only 5*41/60=3.42 seconds in comparison (anyone can confirm there is 60 frames per second?): the number of singles is again the most significant factor
  10. Why is the number of singles the most significant factor? Isn't the clear delay the same regardless if it is single or double etc.? If it's the same then what counts is only the sum.
    Great time btw, 2nd half was extremely fast!
    For the history, in the game above I had 46+23+11+40=120 which is the lowest sum I've done.
    ps. I still can't upload a screenshot... :biggrin:
  11. This mode is so frustrating.
    this is after like 100 games or so >.>
    isuk qq
  12. Here's a terrible game.


    I wish I could clear this game semi consistently.
  13. COL


    slight improvement.
  14. Didn't clear the credit roll. I never do.
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. K


    can we get an overall preview of the decathlon game rules for each game mode ???
    is there a ranking table already somewhere ?
    this stuff seems pretty much broken to me :?
  17. I have never understand how the hell to get the fucking RO medal... What do I need to do to get it?
  18. The RO medal condition is checked three times throughout the game -- Levels 300, 700, and 999. If your average number of rotations per tetromino is over 1.2 at that level, then you get a RO medal. You can cheat it a bit by IRSing your O's, but it tends to show up when you use a lot of triple rotation or other complex maneuvers.

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