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  1. Is TGM4 happening? I am curious because it has been about a year since the TGM 4 test at Puente Hills Mall.
  2. It's hard to say. A new company (Dentsu) has been given the distribution rights or something to Tetris in Japan recently and Mihara said something about it on Twitter. Machine translation gives something very vague about whether it'll affect TGM4. I distinctly remember someone saying something about it in IRC, though I can't remember whether they said it will or won't affect it.
    Besides that, @tgm_series hasn't tweeted in almost two months (albiet the latest tweets were about that subject) besides the usual retweeting of scores and explaining the reasoning behind KVOM.
    Hopefully after SGDQ the support from viewers will coax them into saying something again. For now, however, it's probably best to be a little on the pessimistic side and not get our hopes up.
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    There's one?
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    Both the Google and Twitter translation for that make no sense to me.
  6. No, from what I recall it seems pretty clear that Dentsu is a marketing agent and will be taking care of promotion and merchandising. I believe they had a follow-up tweet indicating little/no impact on the electronic game distribution/licensing due to the new merchandising rights.

    "The designer liked how the letters looked."
    A E S T H E T I C
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  7. I mean TI was always the most vaporwave in the series.
  8. Wait, I thought TGM4 was cancelled years ago because of The Tetris Company
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    how many years does it take to make tetris lmao
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  10. Well, TGM is pretty hardcore and intense. The Tetris Company wants tetris to be more casual (despite Tetris DS's attempt at 20G). For example, all new Tetris games use the same rotation style in which you can rotate blocks forever. TGM uses a different style. Tetris Company ain't like that too much lol
  11. So they denied Arika the rights to Tetris for TGM4.
  12. Cool :D
  13. no they didnt
    it's a problem on the distribution side of things, nothing to do with TTC atm
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    yes. last update they are trying to work out distribution rights, and seem to have stalled.

    thanks to Kevin (a guy outside of japan) making GM, and all the buzz around it, TTC finally seems to have accepted that hey maybe people like hard (but fair) tetris. But yeah there's still resistance, and the fact that arcades aren't that big in the USA.

    and of course there's still the clone hate issue. from what i remember way back when, Mihara didn't used to hate clones so much until TTC made an issue of it (he was darn well aware his game is an evolution of Sega Tetris).

    I realy o want it to show up. i'll suck at it cuz i'm not used to a stick, but i still want to play.
  15. To be perfectly honest I have absolutely no interest in a TGM4, but it's always funny to follow this and see where it's going :D May it never die.
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  16. ^ Pretty much this. I've lost interest in TGM4 as it's taken them way too long to get through the final hurdles. Not like it matters though. I've got the other three games in the series to keep me occupied.
  17. I'm still interested in TGM4, mostly because of the idea of Cave possibly doing a PC port. I'd love to live in a world where we can get Cave ports of TGM on Steam.
    Also I wanted to see the full circle of Pac-Man Championship inspired elements in the game and heavier polish. TGM4 looked mad nice.
  18. Not gonna lie, I'd pay well over $1000 for TGM4 if it were ever released.
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  19. Maybe Cave will do a 3DS port with only the boss fights.
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  20. So would I, but only if it had minimal input delay.
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