TGM4 playtest 13th-14th June.

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  1. No news about the TGM4 test in Japan that was supposed to happen on Saturday? Nor even tweets about it.

    Seems it went ok. Just Konoha and Rounds were playable and the audience was pretty much only at a skill level to enjoy Konoha. But bravos were hard and feedback was that games were short.

    Or at least that's the gist I got from machine translation.
  3. Interesting, I think? It's so weird to do a playtest of randoms on a tetris game with no normal or beginner mode.
  4. Not sure if this was brought up earlier, but:

    Way back in 2009 wasn't there something about how under Classic rotation only, if you held down the C button while shifting the active piece left or right, it would enable instant DAS? Does that still exist in any form?

    More importantly, if it does still exist, how exactly does it work? If it follows the usual "process rotation first, movement second, and gravity last" procedure, then would that allow pieces to "jump" large gaps in 20G like in the following example?
  5. It did (albeit on a button doing double-duty as another rotation button for the test we attended), but the meaning of "instant" was somewhat misunderstood -- it skips DAS start-up, but iteration rate was still 60hz.

    My understanding is that the Japanese location test reverted the C button to the shift function, sans rotation.
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    That's how I always understood the button to work. To skip das so you won't lock waiting for it to trigger.
  7. Yeah, I think in the dearth of footage or hands-on experience before now, both possibilities were considered about equally likely.
  8. Oh hey, it seems Hey is getting a TGM loctest this weekend. See you there!
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