TGM4 playtest 13th-14th June.

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    i guess it counts but no one who takes this series seriously ever thought to themselves "in the case of a new game being released, i wish for move reset to be implemented in ARS"
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  2. Sure, absolutely. I don't think anyone expected move reset to not totally ruin the game, but they managed to do it. I'm not really sure what other core mechanic change could have happened anyways, so using gimmicks like the ice and Konoha mode seems to be a good way to make value and differentiate it from TGM3.
  3. The player is already given so much power in TGM3, the best thing they could have done is eactually require players to make full use of it. Rounds is looking to be the least forgiving mode yet. Picture the empowerment of TGM3 with even more severe mistake consequences than Death. You can yawn if you want but believe me, shit just got real.

    Also Konoha is rad as hell, already my favourite side mode.
  4. I played something like 150-200 credits this weekend. For an in-depth summary check out the wrapup chats I streamed on my Twitch channel. The game is very fun. I hope it comes out.
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  5. Fact is, if they've got to release a game and have it conform to guideline as much as possible to get the go ahead, then their hands are tied. So long as it retains core elements of the series (see: not WORLD rule) I'd rather have a new guideline-ified TGM than no new TGM at all.

    Might be overly optimistic to hope for, but maybe Arika can show TTC how it's possible to bend "Tetris" into something that can be a decent game without requiring a paradigm shift in how the game mechanics work when you also want it to appeal to casual mass-market players as well.
  6. Yes, I actually watched them after I posted here.
    It was really interesting and fun, thanks for the report ;)
  7. I remember a timer ending somewhere in the 6+ minute range at 1500+, not sure about all the way to 7 minutes though. However, because there were no torikans (as of yet), you could soft lock the whole way and get a slower 0-1100.
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    I kinda figured it was very unlikely that there would be anything more skimpy then swimsuit at all int hat mode, even for 30 or 40 bravos.
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    mihara won't be getting my quarters unless there's full-blown anime nudity
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    Those recent tweets are extra hard to translate.. :(
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  11. Same day that the Masters. Of course, "not on purpose".
  12. What does it seem like the players planning to do as a result of the conflict?
  13. Most of them seems to intend to participate to the Masters.

    Of course, we do not know where's gonna be placed that location test.
  14. So weird. Why income test a half finished game. Or if it's finished why US loctest half a finished game. Weird both ways.
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    interesting from the video i can see that the lines are scored as they are made in the ice, and then vanish without points as the next section starts. this actually means that it's still best to stack for tetrises in the ice to get the level bonus, and that the only real effects of the ice are to force the stack into the top half of the field, and to make errors harder to correct. (when you hit 1100, you are effectively limited to 1 hole in the ice fixed per section, and even holes outside the ice get trapped in it next section.)

    I still suspect that the following gimmick will totally screw people that have too many holes in the stack when it is reached.
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    i'm interested in seeing the japanese community's reception to tgm4. doesn't the japanese community primarily play tgm1? if that's the case then it's strange to me that the game's rotation, etc was moved further in the direction that tgm3 went as opposed to slightly "backwards" (ie sequence hold) or laterally

    while i realize that myself and others who prefer pre-tgm3 gameplay have no claim to the future of the series, it would be cool to me if pre and post tgm3 gameplay could exist as two different "flavors" in a single game. there's already guideline/world/whatever in the game so why not attempt to unite the whole tgm community under a single game
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    discovered new info by watching the level counter carefully. (actually others recorded the information ;) )

    strangely singles are best in the ice. every two lines that are filled give a level bonus of 1 point for every line clear until the end of the level, with filling the ice completely granting a +7 bonus to all line clears for the rest of the level.

    this gimmick is really interesting.
  18. Wait, what video?

    EDIT: Thanks! I thought taking videos at the loctest wasn't allowed so I was confused at first.
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