TGM4 playtest 13th-14th June.

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    The playtest in the United States was sheduled for 13th to 14th June.
    It'll be done at the ROUND1 Puente Hills Mall.

    Who's gonna be there and is someone doing something for streaming/recording ????!?
    60fps or more speed camera would be great :\
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  2. I'll be there streaming from my phone, ill post a link when it gets closer. I'd be worried that they wouldn't allow recording, but since the game is already out then hopefully it won't be an issue. They say playtest times are less than business hours, but hopefully it will be there the majority of the days.
  3. The playtest is not for TGM3O. It's for a test version under the working title "TGM2015.” So, recording will likely be prohibited.

    Anyway, I'm planning to go, so l guess I'll meet you there! :)
  4. With it being essentially a new game I'm really curious to why it's going down in the US, rather than Japan, given the comparative states of the arcade scenes. Unless there's some stuff in Japan as well and we're just blissfully unaware of it.
  5. @Rosti LFC: They previously announced that there would be location tests in both regions, but they haven't unveiled their planning around the Japan scheduling just yet. Initially this was supposed to be the test for TGM3O so it would make sense to happen first or separate from the Japan region tests, but I guess they've decided to just do a showing of what they're currently working on.
  6. Ah right, that would make a lot more sense.

    Also for the record to admins or whoever, that @Rosti LFC seems to do absolutely sod-all on my end in terms of alerting me that someone has tagged me (even though it's ticked in my alert preferences) - I just seem to get likes and quotes thrown up as alerts :p
  7. Can someone translate tgm_series latest tweet?
  8. The retweet from mihara? I can give it a shot, but my japanese is pretty poor, so this could all be total garbage:

    TGM 2015 overseas location test memo.
    Choose between World and Classic, as they are changing again.
    Rounds and Konoha used (2 modes used).
    Curing the cancellation [no idea how this clause works], testing a system different from both TGM3 and TGM4 (experiment).
    New hold system implementation (world only).
  9. Some series get vague 30 second trailers to hype and theorize, we get oddly translated tweets.
    Rounds was a mode at the failed TGM4 location test, right? Maybe the Big mode that required perfect clears?
    I'm not sure what the new hold system could be. Maybe it's less forgiving than TGM3 hold in classic?
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    If Mihara independently thought of sequence hold I want my precedence notarised ffs
  11. I'm hoping for a nerf whatever it is.
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    Rounds was the next in the T.A. Death/Shirase series, and one of it's interesting features was that some rounds there was a haze that prevented lines clearing inside it until the end of the section. (essentially forcing you to stack high)

    Konoha was the big mode with no snakes that gave you time and anime chick pictures for making bravos.

    As near as I can tell, since the Tetris brand has little to fear from cloning (they have copyright, trademark, and now trade dress protection) they seem to have no problem with filming the location test, to spread more word about TGM series. One tweet even seems to be suggesting a location to stand and angle to film at (with video demonstration). Of course i could be horribly misunderstanding.
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  13. What's sequenced hold?
  14. Muf


    Sequence hold is when the hold button swaps the held piece with the next piece, instead of the active piece. It's a refinement/nerf to the hold concept that more clearly defines hold for reordering your piece sequence, instead of being used for stalling at high speeds.
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    The new tweets seem to say that its' ok to take pictures if the arcade staff is allowing it, and to take them from the distance and angle shown in their sample picture. Recording is not okay. not sure about streaming.
  16. I'd love a loooong report about the whole experience later, even about stuff that happened besides the game itself! Like a nice big blog:ish post. I hope you guys are having fun! :D
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  17. Going there now. Edit: redacted
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  18. Copypaste of notes/rules of the location test from tgm_series Twitter account. Please follow them. If they are not followed, it might cause harm.

    Notes of TGM2015 playtest
    * Please submit your impressions and opinions by twitter response to @tgm_series (we cannot accept DM)
    * The playtest may be shorter than business hours
    * Arika's staffs will take photos
    * You can take photos when allowed by the arcade staff
    * IMPORTANT: Please refrain from taking movies and close-up pictures of the screen
    * The playtest may be shorter than business hours
    * There might be some trouble during the playtest, we would appreciate your understanding.
    * We hope you enjoy the state-of-art TGM!
    This is an unofficial translation by @jshimada3256 . Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.
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    it won't let me watch that one. i can see the other ones fine
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    so what's the deal with this shit
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