TGM4 Announced^W Cancelled^W Revived!!

Thread in 'Discussion' started by colour_thief, 20 Aug 2009.

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    konoha sounds okay i guess. tetris for dummies and bravo mania mode at the same time.
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    I had a look at the reward for bravos. Currently it seems combos are not important, but the size of the bravoing line clear is.

    Single +5 seconds
    Double +8 seconds
    Triple +11 seconds
    Tetris +16 seconds

    I'm not sure I agree with this because you don't exactly have control over the size to the bravo the same way as you do for ordinary line clears in standard play, even if you can force them often.
  3. Ai


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    Nice analysis colour_thief. Guess next time I should spend a little more time analysing before posting.

    There have been a few entries on Mihara's blog concerning the last location test and also some replies to users' comments. But we'll need someone for the details... ^^
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    Has anyone noticed how dynamic the backgrounds are? And I don't just mean the animation... They actually change significantly depending on the level. It looks to me like it changes at every x00, x50, and x90. So it functions kind of like an extension to the x99 bell chime.

    It's a nice touch. They are definitely making good use of the backgrounds not being "canned" like previous TGM games.
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    I liked the dynamic way the backgrounds transition. It looks better than having them fade into each other.
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    Well at least all the time we collectively put in to that shitty Save The Arcades game is a little bit more worth it now.
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    Okay Monte, Kitaru, fuck going to AI.

    We're going to UFO.
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    Ti was originally planned for the Naomi? O_O
    Do you have more information or even screenshots? Would love to know how it evolved.
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    All I've ever seen is some old magazine scan showing a preview of the game. Maybe someone could throw it online for you.
  10. Zaphod77

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    As i recall, Mihara dropped the Naomi platform because of lag issues, and switched to type x.
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    Woah thanks for sharing. Ti first looked like an upgraded version of TAP. Was Mihara's face covered in the original article? ^^
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    Thanks K! :)
  14. Zaphod77

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    wait a min.. that naomi prototype is all in ENGLISH?!?!

    Okay, now i'm officially pissed at TTC.

    Clearly this was originally intended to be a worldwide release.
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    Yes Ai, Mihara's face was censored from the article.

    There's nothing in that screenshot in English that the final release didn't have in English. I think you're assuming too much and getting worked up for nothing.
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    It seems like today on Mihara's blog someone asked if there was any news on TGM4, and Mihara replied that there wasn't. :(

    So just in case the silence wasn't enough no news for you, we have official confirmation. :p
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    well, at least, he didn't say the game was cancelled lol
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    I just watched the Konoha video again...

    The block-clearing animation, are those water drops or little clocks?

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