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    A six-wide well, eh? That's, like, the TetriNET version of Big Mode or something.
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    Im quite sure that this game will offer an internet-based global ranking. Hopefully that wont rule out a home use of it.
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    if anything, that should encourage them to do a console port of it
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    It's a shame that we have yet to see gameplay videos. Is it kept low profile until they have a version closer to the final build? Plenty of videos from the other games at the event though.

    Dekaris Tetris Doubles video can be found here. I don't think one can move freely over the entire field.


    The latter is true and confirmed in this first impressions article with some more details. The 2 middle columns are shared by both players and they can swap pieces during play.
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    (go to 0:29 and listen very carefully)
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    After a good sized drought on TGM4 information, Mihara has posted a bit more on his blog. Sounds like things are still going forward, and there may be another location test as early as October 31st, though the location is not yet announced.
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    Someone asked for gameplay movies and it looks like we need to be patient for a little while longer. Hopefully they will show something this weekend.
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    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE KYOTO KYOTO KYOTO. (lol, as if, why of all places ;P)

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    Hey, today is the day! Any information yet?
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    Yeah it was at Shibuya. There has been lots of TGM4 talk on Mihara's blog. I'm not sure if I'm getting the whole meaning, but possibly Konoha was not playable this time. At the very least, they are finding it particularly difficult to balance this mode. Who knows if the final version will omit S and Z pieces... Certainly the mode seems different enough that I think it needs its own very different randomizer.
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    Is there a good reason for removing S's and Z's? Even in regular Ti, stacking for bravos isn't that difficult.
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    Well, they are the only pieces that you can't bravo with when clearing lines. Also this mode requires bravos simply to progress. It wouldn't be fair to leave them up to chance.
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    I'm not too clear on how this mode works, really, so don't mind me.
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    Is anyone already thinking about buying this? :)
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    Not for a long, long time.
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    TGM has been neutered...

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