TGM4 Announced^W Cancelled^W Revived!!

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  1. That's clearly the AGDQ effect :)
  2. My japanese translation isn't any better than anyone else's necessarily, but by my understanding that's not an uncancelled TGM4, it's just stating that TGM3 Omega is going to be revamped with the old TGM4 graphics? Though 4 previews rather than 3 would suggest there'll be some non-negligible gameplay changes as well.
  3. [​IMG]
    Is there also a countdown timer in TGM1/2/3 ?
    Also, I like that background.
  4. Muf


    If you're talking about the bar above the next pieces, that's the item gauge.
  5. No, I was talking about the 02'57"95 marking; there's no way they could have spent time this long and still be at level 3.
  6. Then it's counting down from 3 minutes, which is also the case in TGM3 AFAIK for VS.

    EDIT: Yeah, it does. See here, where it's from 12 minutes because the setting for VS level is higher.
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    Nevermind. they now have konoha mode pics (!)
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  8. ...where the Japanese (again afaik) was stating that konoha mode wasn't going to be present at the western location trial? And to be honest even if it wasn't present, if Master/Shirase aren't fundamentally different then I doubt Konoha mode will really represent all that much to be excited about.

    Only shown world controls in the menus, but the gameplay shots are clearly ARS colours, not WORLD.
  9. Now they're two weeks LATE for April Fool's Day. Arika has some seriously terrible timing.
  10. Why would they need a distributor for an arcade game ?
  11. i assume they can't ship all the arcade cabinets internationally without one
  12. Distributor would front all the money for the hardware units.
  13. Anyone have any idea on which hardware TGM4 will be running on? Someone on youtube mentioned Sega Ringedge (which is still technically windows box). Not sure if TGM4 will rectify input lag issue.
  14. The location test was rock solid, better than TGM3 in terms of lag. It was running on a random Dell Vista laptop. They said they want to release it on a Windows based PC, but the exact platform would be up to the distributor's discretion.
  15. Do you happen to see how they hook up Laptop to JAMMA or JVS cab?
  16. They did a custom wiring job, it was for sure not the final setup.
  17. Their development was on Windows and they are not about to port it. Unless the distributor insisted. So in terms of what gets picked it'll almost certainly be a Windows PC based system of TBD configuration.

    Totally agree with you about the potential and even superiority of a tight Linux system for this application though. I just don't think it'll happen.
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