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  1. Wow, the spambots are getting really smart these days.
  2. Nah, they're not that smart. Copy a post from earlier in the topic, and repost it. Although some of the spam now comes from real people who are actually paid to solve captchas/create accounts and spam.
  3. If they don't want clones, perhaps they should release it elsewhere..?

    Valve said something similar; at one point, piracy of their games (and others) in countries like Russia was incredible, to the point that most publishers simply said "It's not worth entering the market there". With no legitimate way to purchase games, the only real way to play them was through illegal means.

    Valve then started publishing games there, and since piracy has dropped to far more "average" levels (rather than extremely high, as before).

    As for The Tetris Company, nothing really changes, does it? They still stifle any possible dissent from their Holy Guideline, the Super Rotation Scriptures.

    Oh well. I was quite interested in TGM4. If it was released on a console, I would buy it without question. But I guess it is not to be.
  4. Mihara has posted again on his blog about this recently... Here's an approximate translation.

  5. [​IMG]

    Who the hell is Eddy-san?
  6. Henk's brother, and previous (and maybe still current?) TTC employee. He was some sort of TTC liaison to Japan I think, but I'm not really sure what his exact role was.
  7. Too bad some clone developers are too clumsy to listen. Then again, I guess the fans have spoken by continuing to promote clones. I must be in the very small minority of people who actually want to play TGM4. If people want to continue remaking the same three played-to-death TGM games and making small derivative modes to claim originality, then maybe that's the best option. As for myself, I have probably played over 20000 games (no exaggeration) of TGM 1-3 and could not fucking care less if someone makes a clone with online leaderboards and pretty backgrounds. TGM needs something interesting to shake it up, and Arika had done exactly that. It's pretty telling that the fans would rather keep remaking the existing games, though. Maybe I view this differently because I'm approaching the end of Ti and TAP? I'm not sure.
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Is this about nullpomino again? Most people that play nullpomino don't play it for TGM despite what clone-haters might believe. Texmaster hasn't had any new releases lately. So what on earth is Mihara blabbering about. He's just had a tea party with the little brother of the guy who won't let him release TGM4?! Double You Tee Eff Mate!
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  10. Actually, I would believe that Henk would have told him he should release it, but Mihara doesn't want to because of his clonephobia.

    Eddy, however, was known for trolling 2ch and telling people that TGM sucks. I don't think he actually cares if TGM4 is released.

    As for you, Kevin, I find it rather ironic that you were the one saying you would play nothing but Nullpo if it had stat tracking. Nice try, 0/10. "OH BUT STAT TRACKING AND ONLINE LEADERBOARDS ARE DIFFERENT" Yeah, yeah. Spout all you want, but if you were willing to say something like that (after the clone ban, no less!) then you're not as dedicated as your post would lead people to believe.
  11. What do they play it for, then? Certainly not original game modes (unless you consider making death invisible to be an "original" idea).
    You don't know kevin very well if you're still expecting him to say consistent things :awe:
  12. Allow me to enlighten you. I've played over 1000 games of Ti in the last two weeks. I think I've had enough now.
  13. Most people play NullpoMino for Guideline-style online versus.
  14. what u mean he was 'known' for that
  15. He's trolled in the past, such as comparing playing TGM to having one of those old fashioned samurai haircuts.

  16. Mihahahara:
    "I'll sell TGM4 to arcades! It will make modest, at best, profit! Doubly so now that players who were eager for TGM4 must now play clones since it was cancelled!"

    "If we fuck over TGM4, we can have a continuing monopoly on shitty Tetris games and ports, making money out the ass because the plebs will buy Shitty Tetris (AUTHORIZED!) Clone #891!"

    I wouldn't be a damn bit surprised if TTC was just feeding Mihara bullshit to keep it from release. Then again, Mihara's full of bullshit anyway.
  17. BONUS!

    By killing off clones, Mihara gets to shit on the western TGM scene, too! Hope you can afford a four-figure TGM machine of your very own for that authentic arcade experience! (Don't forget all the fun hardware you have to use, too!)
  18. Posting an email exchange here also given it's relevance to this thread:

  19. Besides a new grading system, did TGM4 actually offer anything that was significantly better than or different to TGM3?

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